Nintendo DS Emulator written in Go

go get





This emulator is still in DEVELOPMENT PHASE.

Some games work and are playable, others have broken graphics, others crash almost immediately.

What is emulated

  • ARM
    • Most opcodes implemented in both ARM and Thumb mode
    • Disassemly for debugging support
    • Correct cycle counting
    • Correct handling of miasligned memory addresses
  • 2D: BG layers
    • Text mode (16/256 colors, scrolling)
    • Affine modes (16bit bgmap, 8bit bitmap, direct bitmap)
    • Different map sizes
    • Priorities
    • Extended palettes
  • 2D: OBJ (sprites)
    • Normal sprites
    • Different sizes
    • Extended palettes
    • Bitmaps
    • Affine (rotozoom)
  • 2D: advanced modes
    • VRAM display mode
  • 2D: misc features
    • Capturing: only basic support (normal BG+OBJ capture)
    • Master brightness
  • 3D: geometry processor
    • Most commands implemented
    • Accurate timing
  • 3D: rasterizer
    • Quadrangle splitting
    • Backface culling
    • Triangle rasterization
    • All different texture formats

What is NOT emulated

  • 2D
    • Window
    • OBJ window
    • OBJ semi-transparency
    • Blending effects
    • Mosaic
  • 3D
    • Clipping
    • Lighting and materials
    • All blending effects
    • Edge marking
    • Toon shading
    • Fog
  • Sound
  • Misc
    • Memory mapper: unmapping VRAM banks
  • Emulator features
    • Savestates
    • Replays

How to compile

To compile, you must clone into a ndsemu subdirectory:

git clone $GOPATH/src/ndsemu
cd $GOPATH/src/ndsemu
go get
go build


You need access to an official NDS BIOS and firmware. Put them within a "bios" subdirectory, like this:

       |---- firmware.bin
       |---- biosnds7.rom
       |---- biodnds9.rom

Run it

At this point, you can just run it with:

./ndsemu <path-to-your-rom-file>