Spritz Cipher/Hash in Go

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Golang spritz cipher (see RS14.pdf)

Spritz Cipher

I have implemented the spritz cipher for hashing and encryption in several languages in my spritz_cipher repo. There is even a golang version there, but it doesn't provide a library and only does hashing.

This is a fully-featured golang implementation of spritz, which provides a hash.Hash interface for hashing and a crypto/cipher.Stream interface for encryp/decrypt.

It also provides commands that use the library for hashing and encrypting/decrypting files.


You can get the spritz library by:

go get

As I mentioned, it provides standard interfaces, and is easy to use if you know golang's standard hashes and streams. For instance, here is some example code for hashing:

import ""

// 256-bit hash of a byte slice:
hash := spritz.Sum(256, buffer)

// 512-bit hash of a file (ignoring errors for brevity)
infile, _ := os.Open(fname)
shash := spritz.NewHash(512)
io.Copy(shash, infile)
hash := shash.Sum(nil)


You can get the command-line driver like so:

go get

The hasher is a concurrent program, which will hash up to 8 files at once as it works through the list. It takes a "--size" parameter to get the hash size in bits.
The encrypt/decrypt program is also concurrent.