Log forwarder for services ran by ecs-agent.

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ecs-logs is a log forwarder for services ran by ecs-agent.

Quick Start

The simplest way to use ecs-logs is to run it as a docker container, you'll want to configure the ecs-agent to forward services logs to journald first, here's how to do it:

  • run ecs-agent with ECS_AVAILABLE_LOGGING_DRIVERS=["journald"] set in the environment variables.

  • configure the task definitions of your services to use the journald driver by adding the following:

"logConfiguration": {
  "logDriver": "journald",
  "options": {
    "tag": "<your service name>"

Note: The tag is important here since it will be used as the group name for the CloudWatch logs

Once you have ecs-agent properly configured (you should be able to see your ECS services logs in the journal), you can start ecs-logs this way:

docker run -t -i -v /run/logs/journal:/run/logs/journal:ro \
    segment/ecs-logs:latest -src journald -dst cloudwatchlogs

That's it! The services logs should now be showing up in CloudWatch Logs.

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