Skycoin Core and Wallet

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go get



Skycoin is a next-generation cryptocurrency.

Skycoin improves on Bitcoin in too many ways to be addressed here.

Skycoin is small part of OP Redecentralize and OP Darknet Plan.


For detailed installation instructions, see Installing Skycoin

For linux: sudo apt-get install curl git mercurial make binutils gcc bzr bison libgmp3-dev screen -y

OSX: brew install mercurial bzr

./ -h

*Running Wallet


Then open in a browser.

Golang environment setup with gvm

In China, use --source= to bypass firewall when fetching golang source

sudo apt-get install bison curl git mercurial make binutils bison gcc build-essential
bash < <(curl -s -S -L
source $HOME/.gvm/scripts/gvm

gvm install go1.4 --source=
gvm use go1.4
gvm install go1.6
gvm use go1.6 --default

If you open up new terminal and the go command is not found then add this to .bashrc . GVM should add this automatically

[[ -s "$HOME/.gvm/scripts/gvm" ]] && source "$HOME/.gvm/scripts/gvm"
gvm use go1.6 >/dev/null

The skycoin repo must be in $GOPATH, under "/src/". Otherwise golang programs cannot import the libraries.

#pull skycoin repo into the gopath
#note: puts the skycoin folder in $GOPATH/src/
go get

#create symlink of the repo
cd $HOME
ln -s $GOPATH/src/ skycoin


go get
glock sync
go get ./cmd/skycoin

To update dependencies

glock save

Running A Skycoin Node

cd skycoin
go run ./cmd/skycoin/skycoin.go 
#then ctrl+A then D to exit screen
#screen -x to reattach screen


Use gvm package set, so repo does not need to be symlinked. Does this have a default option?

gvm pkgset create skycoin
gvm pkgset use skycoin
git clone
cd skycoin
go install

Cross Compilation

Install Gox:

go get


gox --help
gox [options] cmd/skycoin/

Local Server API

Run the skycoin client then
- to get your wallet seed. Write this down
- to get wallet balance (use wallet filename as id)
- TODO: allow addresses for balance check to see outputs (address balances) to see all blocks and transactions. to check network connections to check blockchain head

Public API

This is a public server. You can use these urls on local host too, with the skycoin client running.


/src/cipher - cryptography library
/src/coin - the blockchain
/src/daemon - networking and wire protocol
/src/visor - the top level, client
/src/gui - the web wallet and json client interface
/src/wallet - the private key storage library


go run ./cmd/mesh/*.go -config=cmd/mesh/sample/config_a.json

go run ./cmd/mesh/*.go -config=cmd/mesh/sample/config_b.json

Meshnet reminders

  • one way latency
  • two way latency (append), latency between packet and ack
  • service handler (ability to append services to meshnet)
  • uploading bandwidth, latency measurements over time
  • end-to-end route instrumentation

Rebuilding Wallet HTML

npm install gulp build