Moeing chain is an EVM&Web3 compatible sidechain for Bitcoin Cash

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Full node client of smartBCH

This repository contains the code of the full node client of smartBCH, an EVM&Web3 compatible sidechain for Bitcoin Cash.

You can get more information at

We are actively developing smartBCH and a testnet will launch soon. Before that, you can download the source code and start a private single node testnet to test your DApp.

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To run smartBCH via docker-compose you can execute the commands below! Note, the first time you run docker-compose it will take a while, as it will need to build the docker image.

# Generate a set of 10 test keys.
docker-compose run smartbch gen-test-keys -n 10 > test-keys.txt

# Init the node, include the keys from the last step as a comma separated list.
docker-compose run smartbch init mynode --chain-id 0x2711 \
    --init-balance=10000000000000000000 \
    --test-keys=`paste -d, -s test-keys.txt` \
    --home=/root/.smartbchd --overwrite

# Generate consensus key info
CPK=$(docker-compose run -w /root/.smartbchd/ smartbch generate-consensus-key-info)
docker-compose run --entrypoint mv smartbch /root/.smartbchd/priv_validator_key.json /root/.smartbchd/config

# Generate genesis validator
K1=$(head -1 test-keys.txt)
VAL=$(docker-compose run smartbch generate-genesis-validator $K1 \
  --consensus-pubkey $CPK \
  --staking-coin 10000000000000000000000 \
  --voting-power 1 \
  --introduction "tester" \
  --home /root/.smartbchd
docker-compose run smartbch add-genesis-validator --home=/root/.smartbchd $VAL

# Start it up, you are all set!
# Note that the above generated 10 accounts are not unlocked, you have to operate them through private keys
docker-compose up