Light Weight Blogging - A blogging platform written in go.

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Light Weight Blogging – “lwb”

LWB (pronounced “lube”) is a framework for self-hosted blogging written in Go, that I use for my blog. See Reinventing The Wheel for some background information.

It makes heavy use of Gary Burd’s wonderful twister library, so you’ll need to install it.


See the sample for an example of usage – you’ll basically need to copy it and make heavy edits for your own use. But basically all posts are stored in a JSON format and it makes heavy use of caching to get great response times.


As a blogger, you need to be willing to accept a whole load of restrictions to use this software right now, for example:

  • No editor – you need to use tools/ to create a stub post and fill it in. You can remove the “body” entry and stick the body in a separate file if you wish (see samples/blog_lwbd/json_store/ for an example). First order of business to to create an rpc interface for tools such as MarsEdit.
  • No reloads – when a post is created, you’ll need to restart the server.

Please contribute!

There’s lots to do, and I’d love some contributions… Ideas:

  • RPC interface for blog editors.
  • Rewrite the textile handler.
  • And more…

Steve Lacey