pronlex is a pronunciation lexicon database with a server behind a simple HTTP API.

lexicon, lexicon-server, pronunciation-lexicon-database, wikispeech
go get



pronlex is a sketch of/place holder for a pronunciation lexicon database behind a simple http API. It is NOT ready for proper use.

You need Go

You need Sqlite3

Clone pronlex under src/ in your GOPATH root.

cd pronlex/createEmptyDB/
go get
go install
cd ../addNSTLexToDB
go install
cd ../lexserver
go install

Make sure GOPATH/bin is in $PATH

Create a pronlex.db and place it in the lexserver directory.$ createEmptyDB pronlex.db$ addNSTLexToDB pronlex.db [PATH TO NST LEX]/swe030224NST.pron_utf8.txt$ go run lexserver.go

(Or CompileDaemon -command lexserver if you use Compile Daemon)

Regexp db search performance

Regular expression search using a Go's regular expressions through the Sqlite3 driver is very slow. Either we should change databases, or find a better way to do regexp search in Sqlite3 from Go.