Goose: Go Online Storage Engine

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Goose (Go Online Storage Engine) is a simple static file server implemented in Go over MongoDB's GridFS spec.

Quick usage examples

Bucket operations


curl  -X POST -v -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"Name":"mybucket"}' http://api.goose.loc:3000/buckets

Retrieval by name

curl  -X GET -v http://api.goose.loc:3000/buckets/name/mybucket

Retrieval by ID

curl  -X GET -v http://api.goose.loc:3000/buckets/

File upload

In this example, we use cURL to upload a PDF file:

  1. The ID of the bucket we're uploading it to is 546e1759494d911a70000001

  2. The path under the bucket where the file will be accesible is /uploads/Book.pdf

curl --tr-encoding -X POST -v -# -o output -T Book.pdf -H "Content-Type: application/pdf" \


  • Data validation for POST / PUT
  • Cache headers
  • JWT auth
  • API Client for integration in other Go services
  • Dockerize the app for easier deployment
  • Web based client for uploading and browsing buckets
  • RPC interface (Kite)