[PROJECT ON HOLD] Crowdfunding platform for open source projects

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As software eats the world, it is critical that we find a way to sustainably
fund the open source ecosystem. GitFund is setting out to solve this problem
by creating a crowdfunding platform for open source projects.

You can find out more on the project page on GitFund itself:


You can join the community via either our Slack channel or IRC:

  • #esp on

Both channels are connected by a relay bot, so you won't be missing out on any
discussions by choosing one over the other.

Our Backers

A big thanks to our wonderful donors and sponsors:


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To contribute any changes, simply fork this repo and send a pull request.
Please make sure to add yourself to the file if you aren't already
on there. Thanks!


The code is currently structured into the following top-level directories:

  • /cmd — this houses the code for command line executables.

  • /mvp — the Python App Engine app that powers the current GitFund site.


All of the code in this repository written by the AUTHORS has been released
into the Public Domain through our UNLICENSE.

Enjoy, tav <>