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Gorma is a storage generator for goa.

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Gorma uses a custom goa DSL to generate a working storage system for your API.


Gorma generates Go code that uses gorm to access your database, therefore it is quite opinionated about how the data access layer is generated.

By default, a primary key field is created as type int with name ID. Also Gorm's magic date stamp fields created_at, updated_at and deleted_at are created. Override this behavior with the Automatic* DSL functions on the Store.


Use the BuildsFrom and RendersTo DSL to have Gorma generate translation functions to translate your model to Media Types and from Payloads (User Types). If you don't have any complex business logic in your controllers, this makes a typical controller function 3-4 lines long.


Write a storage definition using DSL from the dsl package. Example:

    var sg = StorageGroup("MyStorageGroup", func() {
        Description("This is the global storage group")
        Store("mysql", gorma.MySQL, func() {
            Description("This is the mysql relational store")
            Model("Bottle", func() {
                BuildsFrom(func() {
                    Payload("myresource","actionname")  // e.g. "bottle", "create" resource definition
                RendersTo(Bottle)                       // a Media Type definition
                Description("This is the bottle model")
                Field("ID", gorma.Integer, func() {    //  redundant
                    Description("This is the ID PK field")
                Field("Vintage", gorma.Integer, func() {
                    SQLTag("index")                     // Add an index
                Field("CreatedAt", gorma.Timestamp)
                Field("UpdatedAt", gorma.Timestamp)          // Shown for demonstration
                Field("DeletedAt", gorma.NullableTimestamp)  // These are added by default

See the dsl GoDoc for all the details and options.

From the root of your application, issue the goagen command as follows:

    goagen gen

Be sure to replace with the design package of your goa application.