Family Room Pro As every one should be.

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Family Room Pro

As every one should be.

Key Tenets

  • Share your room with remote family.
  • Invite others in, so you’re never alone.
  • Fun times where everyone wants to be together.

Key Products

  • Screensavers (and premium ones)
  • Loungers (individuals)
    • Lounges (different groups of people, shared screen)
    • Loungepods (paired personal devices)
    • Lounge Or’chestral (hardware)
  • Appertainment (Single-user, 1–1, 1-many)
  • Healthy Habits (Exercise, Learning, Journaling, Healthy Eating)
  • Physical Goods (beautiful things to own)

Home Screen Categories

  • Play & Braingames
  • Sing (karaoke & regular songs)
  • Learn
  • Laugh
  • Meditate
  • Exercise
  • Unwind
  • Social Bonding
  • Shop
  • Write / Journal

Screensaver Ideas

  • Sleepy Cat
  • Sleepy Dog
  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Model Couple strolling on the beach

Design Considerations

  • Smart+Dart (or some other very fast) web application framework
  • Redis + Postgres
  • Elasticsearch
  • JS API for developers to account for
  • Sign in to services like amazon & netflix & spotify & pandora
  • No login or username creation like SONOS

Random Thoughts

  • Must be 4k enabled.
  • Unsure about 3D.
  • Signed About Screen with sigs of all developers
  • Pair up controllers
  • Controllers can be metamorphic, driven by developers (since there are no physical buttons, it has a mic, touch, etc)
  • Auto-tune for karaoke with phone mic.

Hardware Models

  • Lounge Starter
  • Lounge GFX (crazy-good 3D graphics card)
  • Lounge Base (large harddrive)
  • Lounge Ultanium
  • Lounge Sensorsweep (3d camera & positional sensor)

Kickstarter Video

  • A story of a whole bunch of amazing families having fun, all around the world
  • Joe Montana throwing his iphone into his TV accidently, and his family facepalming, and Jennifer laughing
  • Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton playing star trek online, wil in the captain's chair, looking back at "Sir Patrick Stewart" saying he's not the captain anymore. Pan to Levar reading a book by the fire, cozied up with a blanket or pet. Patrick thinks his phone is a ST1 communicator.
  • Chris Martin from Coldplay sings bridge over troubled water with Paul Simon and possibly garfunkel. auto tuned. Json Mraz good second.
  • Chesley Sullenberger (pilot) flying in a private plane, playing the guitar (wisest song possible) with flight attendants doting on him.
  • Gail and Rachel Ray playing an Oprah game ("you get a car!")
  • Clinton and bush playing charades, al gore is the subject, but also present
  • Rick Bayless virtually hiking the Incan trail with his friends, and trying to smell the monitor.
  • Mark Zuckerberg learning chinese. Warren Buffett's screename keeps popping up asking to play bridge. Mark says "who the heck is this guy wanting to play bridge all the time?"
  • Conan and Louis CK doing something heh
  • Final scene: 3 boxes covered in black cloth, each with a price tag over them.
  • Final line: "Come by any time." with kickstarter options and an arrow