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A native golang implementation for basex encoding which produces youtube like video id. There are only 10 digits to work with, so if you have a lot of records to maintain in the application, IDs tend to get very lengthy. uuidgen gives a very lengthy value. We can use characters from the alphabet as have them pose as additional numbers.

Or how to create IDs similar to YouTube e.g. yzNjIBEdyww

The alphabet has 26 characters. That's a lot more than 10 digits. If we also distinguish upper- and lowercase, and add digits to the bunch for the heck of it, we already have (26 x 2 + 10) 62 options we can use per position in the ID. Please note that this package only takes numeric inputs.

Note: As of 11/14/2015 version 0.1.0 has a breaking change which has new 'error' return type.


package main

import (

func main() {
    input := "123456789012345678901234567890"
    fmt.Println("Input : ", input)

    encoded, err := basex.Encode(input)
        if err!=nil {
    fmt.Println("Encoded : ", encoded)

    decoded, err := basex.Decode(encoded)
        if err!=nil {
    fmt.Println("Decoded : ", decoded)

    if input == decoded {
        fmt.Println("Passed! decoded value is the same as the original. All set to Gooooooooo!!!")
    } else {
        fmt.Println("FAILED! decoded value is NOT the same as the original!!")

output looks like,

Input :  3457348753573458734583
Encoded :  14RKHyDF1bU51
Decoded :  3457348753573458734583
Passed! decoded value is the same as the original. All set to Gooooooooo!!!


go get


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