Redis client for Go

go get



Radix is a minimalistic Redis client for Go. It is broken up into the following:

  • redis - A wrapper around a single redis connection. Supports normal commands/response as well as pipelining.

    • resp - A utility package for encoding and decoding messages from redis
  • extra - a sub-package containing added functionality

    • pool - a simple, automatically expanding/cleaning connection pool.

    • pubsub - a simple wrapper providing convenient access to Redis Pub/Sub functionality.

    • sentinel - a client for redis sentinel which acts as a connection pool for a cluster of redis nodes. A sentinel client connects to a sentinel instance and any master redis instances that instance is monitoring. If a master becomes unavailable, the sentinel client will automatically start distributing connections from the slave chosen by the sentinel instance.


go get


go get -u
cd $GOROOT/src/pkg/
go test -v -bench=".*"

Copyright and licensing

Copyright 2013 Juhani Åhman. Unless otherwise noted, the source files are distributed under the MIT License found in the LICENSE file.