Jeffrey Wilcke's Go implementation of the Ethereum y/w paper

go get


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Ethereum PoC-8

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Ethereum Go Client © 2014 Jeffrey Wilcke.


Mist (GUI):

go get

Ethereum (CLI):

go get

For further, detailed, build instruction please see the Wiki

Automated (dev) builds

  • [OS X]
  • [Windows] Coming soon™
  • [Linux] Coming soon™


Go Ethereum comes with several binaries found in cmd:

  • mist Official Ethereum Browser
  • ethereum Ethereum CLI
  • ethtest test tool which runs with the tests suit: cat file | ethtest.
  • evm is a generic Ethereum Virtual Machine: evm -code 60ff60ff -gas 10000 -price 0 -dump. See -h for a detailed description.
  • rlpdump converts a rlp stream to interface{}.
  • peerserver simple P2P (noi-ethereum) peer server.

General command line options

== Shared between ethereum and Mist ==

= Settings
-id      Set the custom identifier of the client (shows up on other clients)
-port    Port on which the server will accept incomming connections
-upnp    Enable UPnP
-maxpeer Desired amount of peers
-rpc     Start JSON RPC
-dir     Data directory used to store configs and databases

= Utility 
-h         This
-import    Import a private key
-genaddr   Generates a new address and private key (destructive action)
-dump      Dump a specific state of a block to stdout given the -number or -hash
-difftool  Supress all output and prints VM output to stdout
-diff      vm=only vm output, all=all output including state storage

Ethereum only
ethereum [options] [filename]
-js        Start the JavaScript REPL
filename   Load the given file and interpret as JavaScript
-m       Start mining blocks

== Mist only ==

-asset_path    absolute path to GUI assets directory


If you'd like to contribute to Ethereum please fork, fix, commit and send a pull request. Commits who do not comply with the coding standards are ignored (use gofmt!). If you send pull requests make absolute sure that you commit on the develop branch and that you do not merge to master. Commits that are directly based on master are simply ignored.

To make life easier try git flow it sets this all up and streamlines your work flow.

Coding standards

Sources should be formatted according to the Go Formatting Style.

Unless structs fields are supposed to be directly accesible, provide Getters and hide the fields through Go's exporting facility.

When you comment put meaningfull comments. Describe in detail what you want to achieve.


// Check if the value at x is greater than y
if x > y {
    // It's greater!

Everyone reading the source probably know what you wanted to achieve with above code. Those are not meaningful comments.

While the project isn't 100% tested I want you to write tests non the less. I haven't got time to evaluate everyone's code in detail so I expect you to write tests for me so I don't have to test your code manually. (If you want to contribute by just writing tests that's fine too!)