simple password generator (cli + lib)

go get


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p is a simple random password generator.


Once p is compiled and added to PATH, you can run commands like the following examples:


  • Generates a random string of length 40 from lowercase, uppercase, and digits (no symbols or whitespace)

p -l 10

  • Specifies a length of 10 (character sets are default)

p -c a*

  • Specifies character sets lowercase, uppercase, and symbols. The a* can be any combination of letter and a symbol (ensure any symbols are escaped properly in your terminal).

p -l 30 -c 1*

  • Generates a random string of length 30 from digits and symbols. Again the 1% could have just as easily been 2*.

p -l 1 -c a

  • Generates a random string of length 1 from lowercase and uppercase.

p -h

  • Prints the help output.

Build Instructions

First install and set up Go: Install the latest version of Go (

Set $GOPATH and create three directories in $GOPATH called bin, src and pkg. Add $GOPATH/bin to $PATH

Go get the package:

   go get