Mirror event listings as a JSON API.

go get


Stressfaktor API

Parses stressfaktor termine pages and provides data in a structured format.


GET /api/v1/event

Param Description Example Value Notes
event event ID(s) 101 or multiple comma seperated values
from event date 2012-11-10 Y-m-d
to event date 2012-11-10 Y-m-d
venue venue ID(s) 123
type event type Konzert
deleted show deleted 1 show events in the past


/api/v1/event?event=1,2,3 - show events with IDs 1, 2 or 3

/api/v1/event?from=2016-01-01&to=2017-01-01 - show events in 2016


Deb packages are provided in the dist directory. This is the easiest way to install. If you have a Go environment you can build different packages via the make package target. e.g. PACKAGE_TYPE=rpm make package.


The deb includes a init script:

/etc/init.d/stressfaktor-api start

or you can just run the binary some other way:

Usage of stressfaktor-api:
   -bind string
        Web server bind address (default ":8080")
   -dbpath string
        Location of DB file (default "./db.sqlite3")
   -location string
        Time localization (default "Europe/Berlin")
   -termin string
        Address of termine page (default "")
   -v   Print version and exit


make build or go get && go build