Lightweight API Gateway with zero dependencies.

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A lightweight API Gateway with zero dependencies for JSON services written in Go. You can see it as a very simple alternative to Kong, Tyk or API Umbrella.

Gydro is still under development and should not be used in production.


  • No external databases needed
  • Administration via RESTFul api
  • Consumer auth by api key
  • Round-robin load balancing per route between multiple backends
  • Circuit breaker
  • Persistent rate limiter
  • Group based authorization


  • Add JWT auth
  • Add support for an external database to allow multi host deployments
  • Allow some configuration in order to override hardcoded default parameters...
  • Add some tests...

Under the hood

  • Tiedot as datastore
  • BuntDB for rate limiter middleware backend
  • Gorilla Mux for api routing
  • Oxy for forwarding and load balancing requests
  • Echo for admin api


From sources

Install Go >= 1.7, set your $GOPATH, and run :

go get

To start Gydro:



Getting started