Converter of Showdown protocol to IRC protocol

go get



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This program lets you talk on Showdown servers (currently only supports Showdown main) using an IRC client.

It's quite unfinished, but if you are interested in using this program, first set up Go prefix, and then use the following command to download the package.

go get

Then you can use showdown2irc command in terminal to start a server. Once started, to use a server, connect using IRC client to localhost, port 6667. Set your real name (not nickname, the program is using real name because Showdown nicks can contain spaces) to your Showdown username, and server password to your Showdown account password.

Once connected, you can join a room by using /join command, with room name starting with # (as room names on IRC do), and without spaces. For example, to join the room Tech & Code, type /join #tech&code.