The annad package implements a command line tool to run the neural network of the anna project.

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Anna, Artificial Neural Network Aspiration, aims to be self-learning and self-improving software.


AI is the last invention humanity will ever need to make.

This is not about machine learning. This is about machines learn to learn. Machine learning with all its scientific theories and approaches is still way too rigid. To make AI actually work we need to make them as dynamic as possible. The way to a truly intelligent system is probably so hard and long nobody can just code it right away. Humanity needs to discover the path of creating something flexible and smart as human brains sometimes pretend to be. Walking this very long path manually seems to be insane. Since the industrial revolution machines helped us to faster achieve better results. We aim to go along the way to AI, step by step, with Anna together. See the roadmap for an idea about the various stages this project aims to reach.

Anyway this project is still at its beginning. So don't expect too much. For quite a while now I am thinking about machine learning and AI. This field is fascinating and challenging in so many different ways. I want to use this project as playground to improve knowledge by solving problems.

In fact the aim is to implement something living. Something that learns and develops by itself. Something that solves the problems we are not capable of. This ambitious dream should drive this project. Wether it is driven by me, or somebody else, or some group of people way smarter than me. Life will find a way.



This project is very ambitious, thus help is always appreciated. Get in touch with us for the following topics and more. Further see the and go for it.

  • Software architecture and software design.
  • Software engineering to get issues and pull requests done.
  • Documentation of code and concepts.
  • Scientific feedback and research in math, statistics and other relevant fields.
  • Brainstorming and idea generation.
  • Hosting for web based solutions.
  • Integration in all kind of hardware and mobile devices.
  • Creating industrial use cases.
  • Networking (the human to human kind of network).
  • Web frontend specific things like web design, graphic design, animations and videos


The Anna project is open source and license free software. This means I am holding the copyright in the first place to be defensive for now. Further I am open to change that, as long as the project stay open, free and serves humanity. See LICENSE.