Aerospike Client Go

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Aerospike Go Client

Aerospike Client Go

An Aerospike library for Go.

This library is compatible with Go 1.5+ and supports the following operating systems: Linux, Mac OS X (Windows builds are possible, but untested)

Please refer to if you encounter breaking changes.


The following is a very simple example of CRUD operations in an Aerospike database.

package main

import (

  . ""

func panicOnError(err error) {
  if err != nil {

func main() {
  // define a client to connect to
  client, err := NewClient("", 3000)

  key, err := NewKey("test", "aerospike", "key")

  // define some bins with data
  bins := BinMap{
    "bin1": 42,
    "bin2": "An elephant is a mouse with an operating system",
    "bin3": []interface{}{"Go", 2009},

  // write the bins
  err = client.Put(nil, key, bins)

  // read it back!
  rec, err := client.Get(nil, key)

  fmt.Printf("%#v\n", *rec)

  // delete the key, and check if key exists
  existed, err := client.Delete(nil, key)
  fmt.Printf("Record existed before delete? %v\n", existed)

More examples illustrating the use of the API are located in the examples directory.

Details about the API are available in the docs directory.


Go version v1.5+ is required.

To install the latest stable version of Go, visit

Aerospike Go client implements the wire protocol, and does not depend on the C client. It is goroutine friendly, and works asynchronously.

Supported operating systems:

  • Major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat)
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows (untested)


  1. Install Go 1.5+ and setup your environment as Documented here.
  2. Get the client in your GOPATH : go get
    • To update the client library: go get -u

Using is also supported: go get -u

Some Hints:

  • To run a go program directly: go run <filename.go>
  • to build: go build -o <output> <filename.go>
    • example: go build -o benchmark tools/benchmark/benchmark.go

Performance Tweaking

We are bending all efforts to improve the client's performance. In our reference benchmarks, Go client performs almost as good as the C client.

To read about performance variables, please refer to docs/


This library is packaged with a number of tests. Tests require Ginkgo and Gomega library.

Before running the tests, you need to update the dependencies:

$ go get .

To run all the test cases with race detection:

$ ginkgo -r -race


A variety of example applications are provided in the examples directory.


A variety of clones of original tools are provided in the tools directory. They show how to use more advanced features of the library to reimplement the same functionality in a more concise way.


Benchmark utility is provided in the tools/benchmark directory. See the tools/benchmark/ for details.

API Documentation

API documentation is available in the docs directory.


The Aerospike Go Client is made available under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2, as stated in the file LICENSE.

Individual files may be made available under their own specific license, all compatible with Apache License, Version 2. Please see individual files for details.