Cap'n Proto library and code generator for Go

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Cap'n Proto bindings for Go

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go-capnproto consists of:

  • a Go code generator for Cap'n Proto
  • a Go package that provides runtime support
  • a Go package that implements Level 1 of the RPC protocol

Getting started

You will need the capnp tool to compile schemas into Go. This package has been tested with Cap'n Proto 0.5.0.

# first: be sure you have your GOPATH env variable setup.
$ go get -u -t
$ go test -v

Then read the Getting Started guide.

API Compatibility

Consider this package's API as beta software, since the Cap'n Proto spec is not final. In the spirit of the Go 1 compatibility guarantee, I will make every effort to avoid making breaking API changes. The major cases where I reserve the right to make breaking changes are:

  • Security.
  • Changes in the Cap'n Proto specification.
  • Bugs.


See the docs on

What is Cap'n Proto?

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MIT - see LICENSE file