Deprecated in favor of language-ecmascript WebBits is a collection of libraries for working with JavaScript, contains a parser, a pretty-printer and a lexical environment analyser. The original author of the package is the PLT group of Brown University ( Changes since version 2.1: the syntax of the try-catch-finally statement has been changed in accordance to the ECMAScript specification -- now it only has at most one catch clause. The original test-suite needs updating to support the current test system: patches are welcome.

bsd3, deprecated, language, library, Propose Tags , BrownPLT.JavaScript, BrownPLT.JavaScript.Environment, BrownPLT.JavaScript.Lexer, BrownPLT.JavaScript.Parser, BrownPLT.JavaScript.PrettyPrint, BrownPLT.JavaScript.Syntax
cabal install WebBits-2.2