This library provides a type representing Amazon Resource Names (ARNs), and parsing/unparsing functions for them. The provided optics make it very convenient to rewrite parts of ARNs. Start reading at the Network.AWS.ARN module, which defines the core data type and includes some examples. The ARN type is not designed to be a 100% correct-by-construction representation of only valid ARNs; it is designed to be a lightweight way to destructure and reassemble ARNs to be used in place of string munging. The library aims to provide additional parsers for destructuring the "resource" part of an ARN, but many are missing right now. PRs to add this support for more AWS resource types are especially welcome.

bsd3, cloud, library, Propose Tags , Network.AWS.ARN, Network.AWS.ARN.Lambda, Amazon Resource Names (ARNs), ormolu, cabal-fmt, nixpkgs-fmt
cabal install aws-arn-