A soccer game.

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cabal install freekick2-0.1.2


Freekick2 Readme


Freekick2 is an open source 2D arcade style soccer game.


Freekick2 can be installed from sources using cabal (see


1. Install cabal if you haven't already.

To install system-wide, switch to the directory with freekick2 sources and do:

2. $ cabal configure
3. $ cabal build
4. # cabal install

To install user-wide, use 

"cabal configure --user" 

instead of 

"cabal configure".

Freekick2 depends on some libraries that can be found in Hackage, including 
SDL, OpenGL, FTGL and others. See the freekick2.cabal file for a list.

Freekick2 depends on some Haskell extensions, at least some of which, as far 
as I know, have only been implemented in GHC. I haven't tried compiling
freekick2 with a different compiler.

When installing freekick2 from source, three executables are built:

1. freekick2 - this is the actual game.
2. swos2gen - a program for creating freekick2 tactics and teams from 
Sensible Soccer tactics and teams - see below.
3. createteam - a program for creating random teams.

Alternatively, you can install freekick2 from Hackage, with a simple
"cabal install freekick2".


To run, simply type in freekick2. Click on the teams to choose them.
Pink background means the team is controlled by the computer. Blue means it's
controlled by a human. Currently only one team can be controlled by a human.
You can control all players except the goalkeeper during the match, but restarts
are handled by the computer. Use the arrow keys to run around with the player 
you're controlling and the right control key to shoot the ball. The longer you
hold down the right control key the stronger the shot will be.


Freekick2 includes some made-up teams. If you want to play with other teams,
you can convert Sensible Soccer teams into freekick2 teams if you have the
data files.


swos2gen 0 <fromdir> <todir>

swos2gen converts the files in the given directory to freekick2 files. All
the files in the given directory must be in the given format. To install your
new teams, copy the files to ~/.freekick2/teams or, in Windows, to
C:\Documents And Settings\user\Application Data\freekick2\teams (insert your


If you have any problems, or other feedback, let me know.
ajsalonen <at> gmail <dot> com.

Antti Salonen