gitlib is a high-level, lazy and conduit-aware set of abstractions for programming with Git types. Several different backends are available, including one for the libgit2 C library ( (see gitlib-libgit2). The aim is both type-safety and convenience of use for Haskell users, combined with high performance and minimal memory footprint by taking advantage of Haskell's laziness and the conduit library's deterministic resource cleanup. For further information, as well as typical use cases, see Git.Tutorial.

library, mit, Propose Tags , Git, Git.Blob, Git.Commit, Git.Commit.Push, Git.Object, Git.Reference, Git.Repository, Git.Tree, Git.Tree.Builder, Git.Tree.Builder.Pure, Git.Tree.Working, Git.Tutorial, Git.Types, Git.Utils, Git.Working
cabal install gitlib-3.1.2



Main repository for gitlib and related projects. This is a mega-repo.

Quick links

  • For a high-level interface to libgit2, see gitlib
  • For low-level bindings to libgit2, see hlibgit2

Note that these packages are also available on hackage, so you can install them via cabal install