This package consist from console backend, GUI backend and Core module for Google Translate service. It allows you to translate words and sentences between different languages.

gpl, program, tools, Propose Tags
cabal install gt-tools-0.2.1


GTC - Google Translate Console

This program translates a single word or a sentence through

To use program you need to specify fromLang, toLang and text for translation.
Lang is 2 symbol code, i.e. 'en', 'ru', 'be'.

How to install:
    1) cabal install

Usage example:
    $ gtc en ru test
    $ gtc en ru This is test
    $ gtc en ru
    <interactive line-based mode>

(You may want crete aliases in your .bashrc)

For ghc versions 7.2 and older 'gtc' tool supports only UTF-8 consoles.