Hakyll is a static website compiler library. It provides you with the tools to create a simple or advanced static website using a Haskell DSL and formats such as markdown or RST. You can find more information, including a tutorial, on the website: http://jaspervdj.be/hakyll If you seek assistance, there's: A google group: http://groups.google.com/group/hakyll An IRC channel, #hakyll on freenode Additionally, there's the Haddock documentation in the different modules, meant as a reference.

library, program, web, Propose Tags , Hakyll, Hakyll.Commands, Hakyll.Core.Compiler, Hakyll.Core.Compiler.Internal, Hakyll.Core.Configuration, Hakyll.Core.Dependencies, Hakyll.Core.File, Hakyll.Core.Identifier, Hakyll.Core.Identifier.Pattern, Hakyll.Core.Item, Hakyll.Core.Logger, Hakyll.Core.Metadata, Hakyll.Core.Provider, Hakyll.Core.Provider.Metadata, Hakyll.Core.Routes, Hakyll.Core.Rules, Hakyll.Core.Rules.Internal, Hakyll.Core.Runtime, Hakyll.Core.Store, Hakyll.Core.UnixFilter, Hakyll.Core.Util.File, Hakyll.Core.Util.String, Hakyll.Core.Writable, Hakyll.Main, Hakyll.Web.CompressCss, Hakyll.Web.Feed, Hakyll.Web.Html, Hakyll.Web.Html.RelativizeUrls, Hakyll.Web.Paginate, Hakyll.Web.Pandoc, Hakyll.Web.Pandoc.Biblio, Hakyll.Web.Pandoc.FileType, Hakyll.Web.Redirect, Hakyll.Web.Tags, Hakyll.Web.Template, Hakyll.Web.Template.Context, Hakyll.Web.Template.Internal, Hakyll.Web.Template.Internal.Element, Hakyll.Web.Template.Internal.Trim, Hakyll.Web.Template.List
cabal install hakyll-



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Hakyll is a static site generator library in Haskell. More information (including a tutorial) can be found on the hakyll homepage.

You can install this library using cabal:

cabal install hakyll

Or using stack:

stack install hakyll