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mit, network, Propose Tags , Network.HTTP.Client, Network.HTTP.Client.Internal, Network.HTTP.Client.MultipartFormData, https://haskell-lang.org/library/http-client, http-conduit, http-client-tls
cabal install http-client-0.6.1


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This is a mega-repo for housing the http-client family of packages for Haskell. These packages provide a low level HTTP client engine (http-client), different backends for providing SSL support (http-client-tls and http-client-openssl), and higher-level APIs for user convenience (http-conduit).

Please check out the tutorial on haskell-lang.

Due to Haddock pulling the documentation directly from http-client, some "Since" notations give the version numbers of the http-client package. For reference, http-client-0.5.0 corresponds to http-conduit-2.2.0, and http-client-0.4.30 corresponds to http-conduit-2.1.11 .