a dAmn ↔ IRC proxy

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cabal install kevin-0.11.0



Build status

  • Use kevin -h for a list of runtime options, e.g. running Kevin on a different port.
  • To authenticate properly, your username when connecting must be your deviantART username, and the server password (NOT your NickServ password, it's ignored) must be your deviantART password.
  • Private chats are regular channels of the form &username. To start a private chat with somebody, just /join &their_username. Remember, the other person can't see your messages unless they are also in the channel.
  • Admin commands are of the form /admin #room admin command to send. For example, /admin #Botdom show privclass Bots. If you're using irssi, weechat, or a similar client, you might need to send /quote admin #room command.