This package provides a low-level networking interface. Other packages provide higher level interfaces: connection hookup network-simple network seeks to provide a cross-platform core for networking. As such some APIs live in extended libraries. Packages in the network ecosystem are often prefixed with network-. In network- the Network.BSD module was split off into its own package, network-bsd- In network-2.6 the Network.URI module was split off into its own package, network-uri-2.6. If you're using the Network.URI module you can automatically get it from the right package by adding this to your .cabal file:

library, network, Propose Tags , Network.Socket, Network.Socket.Address, Network.Socket.ByteString, Network.Socket.ByteString.Lazy, Network.Socket.Internal, 3 major versions of GHC,, haskell, socket
cabal install network-


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To build this package directly from git, you must run autoreconf -i. And then use cabal configure; cabal build or stack build.

Support Policy


The network package support 3 major versions of GHC only. This means that the current stable version and two previous stable versions are supported.


We use MSYS to build this package on Windows. To use the network package on Cygwin, use stack.


.hs files

If you need C macros created by "configure" or CALLCONV/SAFE_ON_WIN, put

#include "HsNetDef.h"

"HsNet.h" does now work well since Mac's cpp sucks.

.hsc files

If you need #peek, #poke and others, create a .hsc file with

#include "HsNet.h"

HsNet.h includes HsNefDef.h and necessary C structures. Unfortunately, hsc2hs does not convert C macros. So, if you use CALLCONV/SAFE_ON_WIN, the following is also necessary:

##include "HsNetDef.h"



  • Making SockAddrCan deprecated



  • Making Network deprecated
  • Making Network.BSD deprecated
  • Making MkSocket deprecated
  • Making many APIs deprecated


  • Removing Network
  • Removing Network.BSD
  • Removing SockAddrCan
  • Changing the internal structure of Socket.