A pandoc filter that provides a Markdown extension that supports text wrapping in table cells. Here's an example of the syntax:

Each line of text in your markdown becomes a cell in the output table.
The text will wrap automatically as needed to fit the table.
Use a blank line to indicate the end of a row.

` `
To leave a column blank, use some sort of hard space. See the previous cell for an example.
I call these "linear tables" because it kind of looks like a table if you look at it sideways. In hindsight, I should have called them sideways tables.

You can include other markup. Here's an [example of a link](
You can include LaTex formulas. For example: $(\bigcap_{x \in \mathscr{C}} X)'$
That's about all there is to know.

Depending on your output format, the result of the above will look like this:

As implemented, you don't have control over the vertical alignment of cells. This approach is sufficient for my use case, but it may not meet your needs!


This package is available from Hackage, or as a Nix flake.

From Hackage

To install from Hackage, use cabal install. The package name is pandoc-logic-proof.

As a Nix flake

Note: Flakes must be enabled in your Nix or NixOS installation.

One way to use the Nix flake is to create a shell.nix with pandoc and this package, like so:

with (import <nixpkgs> {});
  pandoc-include-plus = (builtins.getFlake git+${builtins.currentSystem}.default;
mkShell {
  buildInputs = [
    # add any other software you want to use in the shell.

Enter the shell using nix-shell. Now you can use the commands below.

Transforming your document

Then, you can process your document either using pandoc directly, or through Hakyll.

With Pandoc

Use this filter by adding --filter=pandoc-linear-table to your pandoc command. For example:

pandoc --filter=pandoc-linear-table --output=myfile.pdf

With Hakyll

Use this filter as a transform in Hakyll. For example, you could modify site.hs, adding

import Text.Pandoc.Filters.LinearTable (transform)

and changing



pandocCompilerWithTransform defaultHakyllReaderOptions defaultHakyllWriterOptions transform