servant types to access the GitHub API v3

bsd3, library, program, web, Propose Tags , Network.GitHub, Network.GitHub.API, Network.GitHub.Client, Network.GitHub.Types
cabal install servant-github-


GitHub bindings with servant

This library defines servant types that map to (parts of) the GitHub API v3 (GH-API). It should be useful for anyone wanting to use the GH-API in their application. It does not aim to be complete, but should be easily extendible.

There are two purposes for writing this package: firstly, to get some experience with writing servant-client code, and secondly, to create a more extensible github client library.

Related projects

There are existing projects that provide a haskell client to the GH-API:

  • github is complete and based on http-client,
  • octohat only implements parts of the API, and is based on wreq,
  • hgithub is very simple, providing access only to the repository endponts.

Please review these other projects before using servant-github, at least for now.