Whitespace, an esoteric programming language.

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cabal install whitespace-0.4



See the original web site for full documentation of the base language.

Local Changes

Cabal support

You can use the "cabal install" command to build and install the wspace executable.

Shuffling in Whitespace

Until now, programmers interested in using randomized algorithms in Whitespace have been required to supply some random stuff as input to their program. To solve this, I propose adding a new instruction to the Whitespace language that will shuffle the stack. This feature can then be used to implement various randomized algorithms, including a random number generator.

Command Reference and Sample Program

As a stack operation, this instruction is prefixed by the [Space] IMP. The command code is selected to allow for future expansion of Whitespace's stack operations and in homage to a musical group that my wife assures me is not disco.

Command Parameters Meaning
[Tab][Tab][Space] Randomly permute the order of all values on the stack.

There is a sample program which prints out the digits 0-9 in a random order:

  • examples/randperm.ws