OpenFl Player for Adobe Animate Atlas format

Animate, Atlas, OpenFl, extern, haxe
haxelib install OpenFl-Animate-Atlas-Player 1.8.0


OpenFl Animate Atlas Player

Player for Adobe Animate Atlas export format based on the Starling version.


Loads an atlas

	public function new() {}
		var assets:AssetManager = new AssetManager();
		// target the folder that contains the Animation.json, spritemap.json and spritemap.png
  • you can replace Animation.json by a zip version :
  • the Atlas folder needs to be in an assets folder that is embed with the project (loaded resources in the next version)
  • If you want several animations in the same Atlas, in Animate, create a MovieClip that contains MovieClips you want to add to the Atlas.
  • A MovieClip is considered as an Animation if its timeline has 2 frames minimum
  • The atlas (MyAtlas) is the name of the MovieClip container

Launch an animation

	private function start(assetsMgr:AssetManager):Void {
		var myAnimation:Animation = assetsMgr.createAnimation("player_run");
  • The name of the animation (player_run) is the name of the MovieClip Atlas or its children
  • classic MovieClip methods are availables (play, stop, gotoAndPlay, gotoAndStop, nextFrame...) and properties (currentFrame, totalFrames...)

Dynamic change in an animation

You can dynamically attach an element in the animation, like swaping a weapon in the hand of the player with an other.

  • The MovieClip that will contains the new asset has to be in a layer prefixed by an asterisk.

  • You can have several layers with the same name in differents MovieClips of the Animation and or on different layers.

      var anItem:AnItem = new AnItem(); // Can be any DisplayObject including Animations
  • You can remove the attached item


Version 1.8

  • support for Haxe 4.0.5


  • Clean Code
  • Implements disabled parts of code


Version 1.7

  • support for windows and mobile exports Version 1.6

  • value of currentFrame similar to Animate (1 to totalFrames)

Version 1.5

  • Support for animation in asset folder embed or not

Version 1.4

  • Bugs Fix
  • Support for dynamic changes in assets added to an Animation

Version 1.3

  • support for file (Animation.json zip)

Earlier versions

  • conversion of Starling version