File loader/saver utils and more.

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haxelib install assetsmanager 1.0.0


Assets Manager

Assets Manager provides utils to manage external files, its main features are:

  • Load external files.
  • Save files in different formats.
  • Queue files to load / load them at once.
  • Folder Watcher - receive alerts when folder contents are modified.

Assets Manager is based of AkaLoader by Onatbas.

Version 1.2 changes:

  • Added support for multiple (onComplete) callbacks for the same requested file.

Main Components

  • FileLoader - Loads external files. (cross-platform) - :requires openfl: -
  • FileSaver - Saves files to disk (native targets)
  • FolderTree - Reads folder structure (native targets)

msignal and mlib are also required by some of the components.
To install it use haxelib install assetsmanager


Uses openfl URLLoader to load external files. Full-path, relative path or URL can be used, full-path not available for flash target (and html5?).

Files are loaded asynchronously, and different notifications are sent:

  • onFileLoaded : signal dispatched every time a file finishes loading (even with error).
  • onFilesLoaded : signal dispatched when files finish loading and there are no more to load.
  • onComplete : callback to a specific load or queue request.

Example loading a single file and using onComplete callback.

var loader = new FileLoader();
loader.loadText("text.txt", onTextLoaded); 

function onTextLoaded(f:FileInfo) {
    if (f.status == LoaderStatus.LOADED) {  // check for errors

Example loading multiple files and listening to onFilesLoaded signal.

var loader = new FileLoader();
loader.onFilesLoaded.add(onComplete);   // listen to all files loaded signal.
loader.queueImage("image.png");         // local path
loader.queueImage("C:/dir/image.jpg");  // full path
loader.queueImage(""); // url
loader.loadQueuedFiles();               // load queued files.

function onComplete(files:Array<FileInfo>) {
    for (file in files) {
        if (file.status == LoaderStatus.LOADED 
            && file.type == FileType.IMAGE) {
            addChild(new Bitmap(;             

Supported types:

  • Image - Png and jpg tested, retrieves data as BitmapData.
  • Sound - Ogg tested, retrieve data as Sound.
  • Text - Retrieve data as String.
  • Binary - Retrieve data as bytearray.


Provides a shortcut to save files in different formats, also verifies path and creates directories if they don't exist.

An example showing how to save different files:

FileSaver.saveAsPNG("C:/File.png", myBitmapData);
FileSaver.saveAsText("Text.txt", "some string"); // saves locally.
FileSaver.saveAsBytes("File", myByteArray); // saves locally.

Folder Watcher

Folder watcher reads a folder contents recursively and sends notifications when files or sub-dirs are added, removed or modified.


var ftree = new FolderTree();


The first time refresh() is called, every file and dir it finds are going to be new, for eg. toString() would output:

D C:\rootDir\subDir - NEW
F C:\rootDir\subDir\text.txt - NEW
F C:\rootDir\subDir\imag.jpg - NEW

If file text.txt is renamed to rrrr.txt and refresh is called again, it would result in:

D C:\rootDir\subDir - UNCHANGED
F C:\rootDir\subDir\text.txt - REMOVED
F C:\rootDir\subDir\rrrr.txt - NEW
F C:\rootDir\subDir\imag.jpg - UNCHANGED

A third refresh after editing imag.jpg would result in:

D C:\rootDir\subDir - UNCHANGED
F C:\rootDir\subDir\rrrr.txt - UNCHANGED
F C:\rootDir\subDir\imag.jpg - CHANGED

And so on...

Folder trees can also be read from XML (see readTreeFromFile()), non-native targets can also use this option.