Detox - A cross-platform library for Haxe to make working with Xml and the DOM easy... similar to jQuery and friends, but works wherever Haxe works, in a more haxe-like way.

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This is a library for haxeJS that makes it easier to work with the DOM or XML. It is mostly inspired by JQuery but aims to give a more haxe-like way of coding.

It makes heavy use of haxe's "using" mixin, which allows you to write some really easy code.

Here's some code so you can get an idea of what I mean:

// You include this at the top of your file

using Detox;

// Now you can write code like this:

"h1".find();                // Find all <h1> elements on the page
"#myID .myclass".find();    // Find elements using CSS selectors
"div".create();             // Create <div>
"table".create();           // Create <table>
"Hello <i>you</i>".parse()  // Turn this into DOM/XML objects

// And traverse it like this:

var listItems = "#menu li".find();
for (listItem in listItems)
    trace (listItem.text());
    trace (listItem.find('a').attr('href'));

// Or like this

var myParent = "#parent".find();
for (thisChild in myParent.children())
    var thisText = thisChild.text()
    var prevChild = thisChild.prev().text();
    var nextChild =;
    Std.format("$thisText comes after $prevText and before $nextText");

// Or manipulate it like this:

var mylink = "a".create();              // Create <a></a>
mylink.setText("My Link");              // <a>My Link</a>
mylink.setAttr("href", "#");            // <a href="#">My Link</a>
myLink.setInnerHTML("Hi <i>There</i>"); // <a href="#">Hi <i>There</i></a>

// And then you can move things around like this
var icon = "<img src='create.png' alt='create' />".parse();
icon.appendTo(myLink); // or the other way around

// And then you can add events like this: (e) {
    trace ("You clicked " + e.currentTarget.text());
"form#myform".find().submit(function (e) {
    for (input in e.currentTarget.find("input"))
        trace (input.attr('name') + ": " + input.val());

Basic Aims

  • Have jQuery-like functionality
  • Be very haxe-like and easy to use.
  • Provide a base for building HTML/JS widgets using haxe classes.
  • Be null-safe, that is, if something is missing fail silently, don't throw errors.
  • Provide a cross-platform friendly way of working with XML / DOM trees. This is implemented using Haxe's Xml class and SelectHXML for the selection engine. Obviously style, animation and events won't make much sense on the server side, but certainly the general DOM manipulation and traversing can work.


Here are some very basic demos to show how it works. Currently they are working in both Firefox and Webkit, though our EventManagement code is not IE-friendly yet. But none of you would be using IE, would you?

Todo List

Growl-Like Notifications

Full Usage

General helpers

  • "myselector".find();
  • "div".create();
  • "
    Some HTML code.

Node / Element Manipulation

  • isElement()
  • isComment()
  • isTextNode()
  • isDocument()
  • toCollection() - Element Only
  • get() - Get first Node out of query
  • get(1) - Get second Node out of query
  • attr("src")
  • setAttr("src", "image.jpg")
  • removeAttr("src")
  • hasClass("myClass")
  • hasClass("myfirstclass mysecondclass")
  • addClass("myClass")
  • addClass("myfirstclass mysecondclass")
  • removeClass("myClass")
  • removeClass("myfirstclass mysecondclass")
  • toggleClass("myClass")
  • toggleClass("myfirstclass mysecondclass")
  • tagName()
  • val()
  • setVal("newValue")
  • text()
  • setText()
  • innerHTML()
  • setInnerHTML()
  • html() - get the full XML/HTML of this node and it's children
  • clone()


  • children()
  • firstChildren() - open to changing name
  • lastChildren() - open to changing name
  • parent()
  • parents() - on Xml targets, "parent" is already taken. Use parents() for a null-safe option.
  • ancestors()
  • next()
  • prev()
  • find()

DOM Manipulation

  • append(newChild)
  • prepend(newChild)
  • appendTo(newParent)
  • prependTo(newParent)
  • insertThisBefore(sibling)
  • insertThisAfter(sibling)
  • beforeThisInsert(newSibling)
  • afterThisInsert(newSibling)
  • remove() - remove the current element
  • removeChildren(childElement)
  • removeChildren(childElements)
  • empty()

Event Management

For each of these, eventType is a String, for example "click", "move", "keyup". Listener should be function (e) { trace("Do something..."); }

  • trigger(eventType) - not implemented yet
  • triggerHandler(eventType)
  • on(eventType, listener)
  • off(eventType, listener)
  • one(eventType, listener)
  • mousedown(listener)
  • mouseenter(listener)
  • mouseleave(listener)
  • mousemove(listener)
  • mouseout(listener)
  • mouseover(listener)
  • mouseup(listener)
  • keydown(listener)
  • keypress(listener)
  • keyup(listener)
  • hover(listener)
  • submit(listener)
  • toggleClick(listener)
  • blur(listener)
  • change(listener)
  • click(listener)
  • dblclick(listener)
  • focus(listener)
  • focusIn(listener)
  • focusOut(listener)
  • resize(listener)
  • scroll(listener)
  • select(listener)
  • load(listener)
  • unload(listener)
  • error(listener)
  • ready(listener)


  • Mostly not implemented yet.


  • Mostly not implemented yet.


  • NA: this feature does not apply to this platform
  • NotYet: this feature has not been written yet
  • NoTests: implemented, but no tests written - no guarantee it works
  • NotRun: implemented, and tests written, but not run yet on this platform.
  • TestFails: implemented, tested, some tests failing
  • Okay: implemented, tests passing, could do with a few more tests.
  • Good: implemented, tests passing, good coverage, good to go.
Feature Browser JS Other Platforms
Firefox WebKit Opera IE7 IE8 IE9 Flash 9+ Neko PHP NodeJS CPP
Element Manipulation Good NotRun Good Good NotRun NotYet Good
Query (Collection) Good NotRun Good Good NotRun NotYet Good
DOM Manipulation Good NotRun Good Good NotRun NotYet Good
Traversing Good NotRun Good Good NotRun NotYet Good
Event Management NoTests (should work) NA
Style NotYet NA
Animation NotYet NA

Platform Inconsistencies

  • On XML based targets (non JS), parent is an Node, not a function that returns a Node. It is not null-safe. Use parents() instead to be safe and consistent across platforms.
  • On XML based targets (non JS), remove() is a method to remove attributes. Because it already exists, our "remove()" mixin does not work. Use removeFromDOM() instead.


Small things to add:

  • node.index() - index in parent
  • node.hasAttr('style'):Bool