Haxe documentation generator.

documentation, documentation-generator, documentation-tool, haxe
haxelib install dox 1.5.0


A Haxe documentation generator.

Note: Dox currently requires v3.1.x branch of Haxe due to some minor changes in abstract rtti xml generation. You'll also need an up to date haxelib (requires support for classPath in haxelib.json)

Install dependencies:

haxelib git hxparse development src
haxelib git hxtemplo master src
haxelib install hxargs
haxelib install markdown

To generate std documentation:

haxelib install hxcpp
haxelib install hxjava
haxelib install hxcs

haxelib dev dox .

// Compile dox's run.n
haxe run.hxml

// Generate .xml files of Haxe standard library
haxe gen.hxml

// Generate documentation
haxe std.hxml

To generate documentation of other library:

  1. Compile all library code with haxe using haxe -xml dir.
  2. Invoke haxelib run dox -i dir, where dir points to the .xml file(s) generated by step 1.