A straight to the point Microsoft-style dependency injection library for Haxe

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haxelib install haxe-injection 0.0.1



A straight to the point Microsoft-style singleton dependency injection library for Haxe.

What does it do?

Allows you to arbitrarily define service objects, specific to your application, that handle low-level code which can then be injected into high-level code via interfaces. This allows one to take advantage of the dependency inversion and single responsibility principles.

How does it work?

First you define the interface that represents your given service. To identify it as a service, it must extend the hx.injection.Service interface:

    import hx.injection.Service;

    interface TestService extends Service {
        public function sayWord() : Void;

Then create a concrete implementation of that interface:

    import hx.injection.Service;

    class LoudTestService implements TestService {
        public function new() {}
        public function sayWord() : Void {

During start up:-

  • Create a service collection. Here, you can define what services your application will depend upon:
    var collection = new ServiceCollection();
    collection.add(TestService, NormalTestService);
  • Supply optional configuration files:
collection.addConfig(new TestConfig());
  • After defining your application dependencies, you can create the service provider and inject the service into your application:
var provider = collection.createProvider();
var testService = provider.getService(TestService);
var app = new MyApp(testService);
  • Additionally, you can define dependencies between services and configurations simply by defining them as an argument in the constructor for the concrete service and providing them in the service collection:
    import hx.injection.Service;

    class LoudTestService implements TestService {

        private var _config : TestConfig;
        private var _phoneService : PhoneService;

        public function new(config : TestConfig, phoneService : PhoneService) {
            _config = config;
            _phoneService = phoneService;

        public function sayWord() : Void {
            var word = _config.word;