Aseprite file parsing for Heaps

animation, aseprite, heaps, haxe
haxelib install heaps-aseprite 0.1.1



Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format. Based on the ase and openfl-aseprite libraries. Sample Aseprite files all borrowed from openfl-aseprite.


  • Hooks into the Heaps Engine's resource management to automatically handle any .aseprite or .ase file
  • Optimizes runtime performance by parsing Aseprite files during compilation (generating .png and .asedata files)
  • Supports all Color Modes, Animation Tags, Layers, and Slices (including 9-Slices!)
  • Includes the AseAnim Class to easily render Animations (based on the Heaps Engine's Anim Class)
  • Supports Live Resource Updating
  • Gets Type-safe references to an Aseprite file's Tags and Slices (thanks @deepnight!)

Getting Started

heaps-aseprite requires Haxe 4 and the Heaps Engine to run.

Install the library from haxelib:

haxelib install heaps-aseprite

Alternatively the dev version of the library can be installed from github:

haxelib git heaps-aseprite https://github.com/AustinEast/heaps-aseprite.git

Install heaps-aseprite's dependency, ase.

haxelib install ase

Then include the library in your project's .hxml:

-lib heaps-aseprite


// Get the whole sprite as a Tile
var spr1 = new Bitmap(Res.single_frame_sprite.toAseprite().toTile(), s2d);

// Alternatively get the sprite directly as an Image
var image = new Bitmap(Res.single_frame_sprite.toImage().toTile(), s2d);

// Get an animation from the sprite's tag
var spr2 = new AseAnim(Res.animated_sprite.toAseprite().getTag('walk'), s2d);
spr2.loop = true;

// Override the direction of a tagged animation
var spr3 = new AseAnim(Res.animated_sprite.toAseprite().getTag('walk', AnimationDirection.REVERSE), s2d);
spr3.loop = true;

// Get an animation based on tag and slice
var spr4 = new AseAnim(Res.animated_sprite.toAseprite().getTag('walk', -1, 'Head'), s2d);
spr4.loop = true;

// Get a single frame from a slice
var slice = new Bitmap(Res.slices.toAseprite().getSlice('Slice 1').tile, s2d);

// Get all frames from a slice
var slice2 = new AseAnim(Res.slices.toAseprite().getSlices('Slice 1'), s2d);
slice2.loop = true;

// Get a 9-Slice ScaleGrid from a slice
var nineSlice = Res.nine_slices.toAseprite().toScaleGrid('9-Slices', 0, s2d);

// Live Resource Updatng
var animation = new AseAnim(Res.animated_sprite.toAseprite().getTag('walk'), s2d);
animation.loop = true;
Res.animated_sprite.watch(() -> {
  // Make sure to call the default `watch()` callback!

  // Replay the animation to get the updated frames

// Want type-safe Tags and Slices? Use the `Dictionary` class to get typed references from an Aseprite resource
var typeSafeTags = Dictionary.getTags(Res.animated_sprite);
new AseAnim(Res.animated_sprite.toAseprite().getTag(typeSafeTags.walk), flow);

var typeSafeSlices = Dictionary.getSlices(Res.slices);
new Bitmap(Res.slices.toAseprite().getSlice(typeSafeSlices.Slice_1).tile, flow);


  • Document codebase (public fields and methods)