OpenFl native (Android / iOS) toolkit

android, connectivity, density, hyperfiction, ios, uuid
haxelib install hyp-system 0.2.1



A native extension for OpenFL

This extensions contains a bunch of tools methods for iOS & Android.


There is an include.nmml file and the ndll are compiled for:

  • ios armv6
  • ios armv7
  • ios simulator
  • android armv6


For recompiling the native extensions just use the sh files contained in the project folder.

Basic reference

The NetworkInfos class:

isConnected: Does the device has a active connection of any type.

getConnectionType: Get the type of the active connection (NONE / WIFI / MOBILE)

isWifi: Allow to test if active connection is of Wifi type.

listen:The extension listen for connectivity status change.

The Device class:

getName: Return the device name on iOS (example: Bob's iPad), the device model name on Android (Example : Nexus 4)

getUuid: Return the device uuid. It's not using the device uuid, but a generated uuid for both platforms.

getLanguageCode: Return the device language code.

getScreenHeight: Return the device screen height.

getScreenWidth: Return the device screen width.

getScaleFactor: Return the screen scale factor.

isTablet: Return true if the current device is a tablet.

The Android platform class (hypsystem.system.platform.Android)

getScreenBucket: Return the screen bucket of the device. (ldpi/mdpi/hdpi/xhdpi/xxhdpi)

dpToPx: Convert a DP value to pixels

getUDID: Return the device UDID.

The DateTools class (hypsystem.system.DateTools)

Adding ISO & UTF date support to haxe by using native methods (iOS & Android)

Made at Hyperfiction

Developed by : Johann Martinache @shoe_box


This work is under BSD simplified License.