A collection of commandline and system utilities for developing simple command line driven neko and haxelib tools.

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haxelib install mlib 2.0.3


MUnit is a metadata driven unit testing framework for cross-platform Haxe development.

It includes tools for creating, updating, compiling and running unit test cases from the command line.

MUnit supports Haxe 3+


To install you must have Haxe installed

Then just use haxelib to download the latest version

haxelib install munit

To check that it is all installed and to view the help run:

haxelib run munit

Please note: After upgrading you may be required to update the TestMain.hx in existing project before being able to test

To install latest build from git:

haxelib git munit master src


Cross Platform

MUnit has been designed for cross platform Haxe development. It currently supports js, swf, as3, neko, c++, java, cs, python, php and hl and the tool chain works on Windows, OSX and Linux. To run js tests with NodeJS, add -lib hxnodejs or -D nodejs.

Test Metadata

Test cases use Haxe metadata to simplify creating tests (and avoid needing to extend or implement framework classes).

public function testExample():Void

Asynchronous Tests

Unlike the default haxe unit test classes, MUnit supports asynchronous testing

public function asyncTestExample(factory:AsyncFactory):Void

Tool Chain

MUnit is way more than just a unit test framework. It includes a command line tool for working with munit projects to streamline your development workflow.

  • Setup stub test projects in seconds
  • Auto generate test suites based on test classes in a src directory
  • Compile and run multiple targets from an hxml build file
  • Launch and run test applications in the browser or command line (neko)
  • Save out text and junit style test reports to the file system for reporting and ci
  • Auto generate stub test classes (and/or target classes)
  • Integrated code coverage compilation with MCover


For detailed user guides refer to the wiki

The API documentation is available on the haxelib project page.

How to contribute

If you find a bug, report it.

If you want to help, fork it.

To install latest build from git:

haxelib git munit src

If you want to make sure it works, make sure to run the bash script ( and check that the tests all pass on all platforms:

haxelib run munit test -coverage

cd ../test
haxelib run munit test -coverage

New since 2.0.0

Haxe 3 Support

Some APIs have changed to ensure compatibility with both Haxe 2.10 and Haxe3.

Note: Support for Haxe 2.09 and Haxe 2.08 have been dropped

New since 0.9.5.x

C++ Target

MUnit now compiles/runs c++ targets

haxelib run munit test -cpp

Updates to TestMain to work with MCover 1.4.x

Note: You may be required to update the TestMain.hx in existing project
before being able to run `munit test -coverage`.

Code Coverage customisation

Munit now supports custom mcover settings when compiling via munit test -coverage.

re-run haxelib run munit config in a project to set coverage packages and coverage ignored classes

Thanks to tynril for adding these options.

New since 2.0.x

Haxe 3 Support

Munit now supports Haxe 3 RC.

There aren't any new features in this release, however there are several breaking changes to internal APIS and Interfaces to ensure compatibility with both versions of Haxe.

To compile tests aginst Haxe 3, you may need to delete any references to js.Dom in the generated TestMain class in your project.

New since 0.9.4.x

Report Command

Convert munit summary reports into different format(s). As of there is only one supported format (TeamCity)

haxelib run munit report [format] [dest] [-coverage percent]


The following example generates a teamcity-info.xml report in the project directory (.)

haxelib run munit report teamcity . -coverage 85

Note: You must run and generated summary reports prior to executing the report command.

New since 0.9.3.x

Better CI support

Get error exit code when tests on one or more platforms fail

haxelib run munit test -result-exit-code

Note: haxelib currently doesnt return exit codes > 0 on OSX (see issue)

Workaround for issues with nekotools server HTTP POST via a simple SummaryReportClient

var httpClient = new HTTPClient(new SummaryReportClient())

New since 0.9.2.x

Rich HTML output for JavaScript and Flash targets (see RichPrintClient)

var client = new RichPrintClient();

Seamless support for MCover code coverage

haxelib run munit test -coverage

Commands for generating stub test classes on demand

haxelib run munit create package.FooTest -for package.Foo  

CI friendly options for munit config command

haxelib run munit config -default
haxelib run munit config -src path/to/src -hxml path/to/test.hxml
haxelib run munit config -file path/to/my/custom/config.txt

Support for assertions inside async tests

public function someAsyncTest(factory:AsyncFactory)

Support for custom runner html templates and resources

Run 'munit config' to set template and resources directories

For full list of recent changes see the change log


This project is brought to you by Dominic and Mike from Massive Interactive