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Data Structures For Games

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The library contains parametrized classes that allow programmers to easily implement standard data structures like linked lists, queues, stacks or multi-dimensional arrays. The result is somewhere in between the C++ STL (Standard Template Library) and the Java Collection framework.


Cross-Platform Support

ds supports the following Haxe compilation targets: -swf, -js, -neko, -python, -php, -cpp

-hl, -java, -cs, jvm are experimental.


Install Haxe and run $ haxelib install polygonal-ds from the console, then compile with $ haxe ... -lib polygonal-ds.

Conditional Compilation Flags

-D generic

Enables generic classes (adds @:generic meta). Nice performance boost for static typed platforms (-swf,-cpp only).

-D alchemy

Enables fast virtual memory for FP10+ ("alchemy memory"). Extra performance for Flash.


2.1.1 (released 2019-11-10)

Supports Haxe Compiler 4.0.1, hxcpp 4.0.64

  • modified: require Haxe 4.0.0 (Haxe 3.x no longer maintained)
  • added: RadixSort helper class
  • added: ArrayList.bruteforce()
  • added: ArrayTools.bruteforce()
  • fixed: Graph.dlbfs(): incorrect GraphNode.parent pointer
  • added: Bits.swap()
  • modified: Graph.removeArc(): add optional mutual parameter
  • added: ArrayTools.forEach()
  • added: ArrayList.addNativeArray()
  • added: FreeList helper class (tools package)
  • added: ArrayList.pairwise()
  • modified: removed var shadowing warnings (-D warn-var-shadowing)
  • modified: moved mem package to tools package
  • modified: Array2.countNeighbors(): add manhatten parameter
  • added: TreeTools.ofIndentedList()
  • added: TreeTools.randomTree()
  • added: TreeTools.map()
  • modified: trim package to polygonal.ds
  • added: ArrayList.resize()
  • fixed: ArrayList.reverse()
  • added: compile with -D no-assert to remove assert statements even when compiling with -debug
  • added: compile with -D runtime_assert to use non-macro asserts (faster)
  • modified: ArrayTools.equals(): now passing equals function as argument

2.0.1 (released 2017-10-10)

Supports Haxe Compiler 3.4.4, hxcpp 3.4.188

  • modified: HashKey: allow static initializers for non-static targets
  • added: Array2.Array2Cell.of()
  • modified: renamed M to MathTools
  • modified: removed unused imports/vars
  • added ArrayTools.pairwise()
  • added Array2.countNeighbors()
  • added wrap=true parameter to Array2.shift* methods

2.0.0 (released 2017-01-31)

Supports Haxe Compiler 3.4.0, hxcpp 3.4.49

  • added: Array2.copy()
  • modified: optimized Array2.resize(): use fast blit when only changing #rows
  • modified: optimized ArrayList.remove(): remove multiple values at once, use fast blit
  • modified: added ArrayTools.swap()
  • modified: added ArrayTools.getFront()
  • modified: added ArrayTools.iter()
  • added: ArrayList.addArray()
  • added: Array2.getIndexAtCell()
  • fixed: Array2.clear(), Array3.clear()
  • added: ArrayList.addArray()
  • added: ArrayList.insertionSort()
  • modified: allow more method chaining
  • modified: Sll/Dll: popDown() => tailToHead(), shiftUp() => headToTail()
  • added: tools.Shuffle for customizing Math.random() rng
  • fixed: integer hash tables print all key,value pairs for duplicate keys

2.0.0-rc1 (released 2016-11-05)

Supports Haxe Compiler 3.4.0-rc1, hxcpp 3.4.2

  • modified: replaced GraphArc.cost with a more versatile GraphArc.userData field
  • added: Graph.serialize() and Graph.unserialize()
  • added: implemented iter(), fast alternative to iterator()
  • modified: inline and optimize forEach()

2.0.0-beta (released 2016-05-24)

  • modified: replaced pooling package with lightweight de.polygonal.ds.tools.ObjectPool class
  • modified: removed some Bits methods (better suited for abstract), move Bits class to tools package
  • modified: BitVector: use getters for size/capacity
  • modified: better method naming: don't use abbreviations
  • modified: renamed Graph methods (DFS, BFS, DLBFS => dfs, bfs, dlbfs)
  • modified: added Set.unset() method
  • modified: remove .swc files- no longer maintained (use tools/swc/run.bat to create swc libs on your own)
  • added: List<T> interface (implemented by ArrayList, Sll, Dll)
  • modified: replaced de.polygonal.ds.Vector typedef with NativeArray<T> type.
  • added: NativeArrayTools: helper class for working with fast platform specific native arrays.
  • modified: arrayed structures now use fast platform specific "native arrays" (vectors) for internal storage
  • added: replaced Da structure with new ArrayList implementation (resizable native array)
  • modified: renamed swp() => swap(), cpy() => copy()
  • modified: Map.clr() renamed to Map.unset() to distinguish from Collection.clear()
  • modified: optimized toString()
  • added: various growth rates for vector-based structures (see GrowthRate)
  • modified: Array2/3: getW(), getH(), getD() is now a property: width, height, depth
  • modified: removed ArrayConvert due to issues with -D generic, instead added ?source:Array<T> to constructor
  • modified: removed toVector() method
  • modified: renamed ArrayUtil to ArrayTools: match Haxe naming style
  • modified: iter() renamed to forEach() and implement for all structures
  • modified: removed redundant assign() and fill() methods: use forEach() instead
  • modified: size() is now a property: Collection.size
  • fixed: haxelib package
  • modified: greatly improved performance for static platforms when compiled with -D generic (-swf and -cpp only)
  • modified: cpp target: increase performance by skipping bounds checking when accessing arrays internally
  • fixed: always increment iterator state inside next()
  • added: support python and php target
  • fixed: Graph.remove()
  • modified: require flash10; drop support for fp 9.x
  • added: IntIntHashTable.hasPair() for checking if a {key, value} pair exists
  • added: IntIntHashTable.clrPair() for removing a {key, value} pair
  • added: IntIntHashTable.toKeyVector()
  • added: Array.getRect() for extracting a rectangular region
  • modified: use access control instead of friend sytax with typedef
  • modified: less aggressive inlining
  • modified: use plain array to pass random values to shuffle() instead of Da
  • fixed: several bug fixes for neko/cpp
  • modified: switched to dox for documentation
  • modified: renamed SLL to Sll, DLL to Dll, BST to Bst: match Haxe naming style
  • modified: removed HashMap class (deprecated, Flash only)

1.4.1 (released 2013-07-08)

  • modified: removed "polygonal-core" haxelib dependency

1.4.0 (released 2013-06-28; Haxe 3.0.0)

Supports Haxe Compiler 3.0.0

  • modified: support Haxe 3 only (Haxe 2.x and Neko 1.x are no longer supported)
  • modified: sacrifice Collection.toDA() for proper @:generic support
  • modified: explicitly allocate elements in ArrayUtil.alloc() when targeting neko
  • fixed: several fixes when compiling with -D generic
  • modified: change BitVector to use the haxe.ds.Vector as data
  • modified: ArrayUtil.shrink(): trim when targeting cpp
  • modified: ArrayUtil.alloc(): explicitly allocate elements when targeting cpp
  • modified: more conservative inlining
  • modified: don't allocate stack arrays when doing iterative pre/post-order traversals
  • modified: optimized TreeNode.contains()
  • modified: optimize TreeNode.levelOrder by using an implicit queue
  • modified: all: fill() method returns this for chaining

1.39 (released 2013-02-12)

Supports Haxe Compiler 2.10 & Haxe 3.00 r6189

  • fixed: swc files: get rid of warnings for Flash Builder 4.7 + falcon compiler
  • fixed: cpp + blackberry target
  • fixed: some Haxe 3 fixes

1.38 (released 2013-01-27)

  • modified: swc: moved Haxe classes to hx package
  • added: serialization of TreeNode structures (de.polygonal.ds.Serialization)
  • fixed: minor fixes for -D haxe3
  • added: ArrayUtil.equals()
  • added: IntIntHashTable, IntHashTable, HashTable.getAll()
  • fixed: IntIntHashTable.remove()
  • added: BitVector.getBucketAt(), getBuckets()
  • modified: replaced DA.swapWithBack() with DA.swapPop()
  • added: ArrayUtil.split()
  • fixed: TreeNode.removeChildren()
  • added: unit tests
  • added: support Neko 2.0 RC (compile with -D neko_v2)

1.37 (released 2012-11-15)

  • modified: Graph: added Graph.borrowArc() and Graph.returnArc() to allow optional arc pooling
  • fixed: TreeNode.isAncestor(), TreeNode.isDescendant()
  • fixed: LinkedObjectPool: object instantiation for non-flash targets
  • added: ArrayUtil.quickPerm(): counting quickperm algorithm

1.36 (released 2012-07-25)

  • added: TreeNode.isAncestor()
  • added: TreeNode.isDescendant()
  • added: TreeNode.getChildIndex()
  • modified: TreeNode.preorder, postorder: allow node removal during traversal
  • fixed: PriorityQueue.toString(): now prints elements in sorted order
  • modified: faster debugging with --no-inline through macro-based asserts
  • fixed: DA.inRange()
  • added: DLL.createNode(), DLL.appendNode(), DLL.prependNode()
  • fixed: typo Bitflags.setiff() => setfif()
  • added: TreeNode.insertChildAt()
  • added: TreeNode.removeChildAt()
  • added: TreeNode.setChildIndex()
  • added: TreeNode.swapChildren()
  • added: TreeNode.swapChildrenAt()
  • fixed: TreeNode.insertAfterChild(), insertBeforeChild()
  • modified: TreeNode.numChildren() is now O(1)
  • added: TreeNode.removeChildren()
  • added: TreeNode.setStack()
  • modified: TreeNode.getChildAtIndex() => TreeNode.getChildAt()
  • modified: cpp/nme target: now supporting MemoryManager
  • added: XmlConvert.toTreeNode(): xml => TreeNode conversion
  • added: Array2.copyCol(), Array2.swapCol()
  • added: Array2.copyRow(), Array2.swapRow()
  • fixed: support Haxe 2.10
  • modified: also dump state with toString() in release mode
  • fixed: DA.sort() out of bound access
  • fixed: BitVector.ofBytes for neko

1.35 (released 2011-12-22)

  • modified: Collection.clone(): make assign parameter optional so clone() does a shallow copy per default
  • added: Array2.setNestedArray()
  • added: TreeNode.getChildAtIndex()
  • added: include Lambda class in swc files (http://haxe.org/api/lambda)
  • added: TreeNode.childIterator()
  • fixed: Heap.remove(), PriorityQueue.remove()
  • fixed: Collection.toVector()
  • modified: Heap.remove(), PriorityQueue.remove() is now O(1)

1.34 (released 2011-10-26)

  • added: all: Collection.toVector() for FP10+
  • modified: too many issues with -D swf-protected so revert back to prefixing private members with underscore

1.33 (released 2011-10-21)

  • modified: disabled haxe.rtti.Generic optimization by default, enable with -D 'generic' (replaces 'no_rtti' flag)
  • fixed: DynamicObjectPool: 'object x was returned twice to the pool' assert
  • added: DynamicObjectPool.used()
  • added: Compare.lexiographic()
  • added: Bits.unpackUI16Lo(), unpackUI16Hi()
  • fixed: DLL.lastNodeOf()
  • fixed: TreeNode.levelOrder
  • modified: ObjectPool: allow lazy allocation by using ObjectPool.allocate(true, ...)
  • added: ArrayedDeque.indexOfFront(), indexOfBack()
  • added: LinkedDeque.indexOfFront(), indexOfBack()
  • fixed: HashMap.toArray()
  • added: BitVector.clrRange(), setRange()
  • added: Array2.inRange(), Array3.inRange()
  • added: Array2.getAt(), Array3.getAt()
  • fixed: MemoryAccess.swp()
  • fixed: PriorityQueue.reprioritze(): use float type for priority value
  • fixed: HashSet remove obsolete <K> type parameter
  • added: all except TreeNode+BinaryTreeNode: added reuseIterator flag
  • modified: by default alchemy memory optimization is now disabled, enable with -D alchemy (removed -D 'no_alchemy')
  • added: support for Itr.remove()
  • added: DynamicObjectPool.maxUsageCount()
  • modified: swc: compiled with Haxe 2.08
  • modified: swc: only show public API (all private fields marked with an underscore are now protected)

1.32 (released 2011-07-17)

  • fixed: LinkedObjectPool.get()
  • added: Array2.getAtIndex()
  • added: Array2.setAtIndex()
  • fixed: HashMap.remove(x): now removes all keys that map the value x
  • fixed: BinaryTreeNode docs
  • fixed: Graph.DFS(), Graph.BFS(): include seed in traversal when preflight flag is set
  • fixed: IntHashTable memory leak
  • modified: added MemoryAccess.name for better debugging/profiling
  • fixed: LinkedQueue.remove() infinite loop in edge cases
  • modified: IntHashSet, HashSet, IntIntHashTable, IntHashTable, HashTable.clear(): only shrink container if purge=true
  • fixed MemoryManager OOM error when calling realloc
  • added: BitMemory.get()
  • fixed: ArrayedDeque.iterator()
  • changed: Itr.next() now returns a reference to itself
  • fixed: Graph.unlink()
  • modified: added Graph.removeNode()
  • fixed: HashMap.remap()
  • fixed: HashTable, IntHashTable, IntIntHashTable.toString()
  • fixed: HashSet, IntHashTable, IntHashTable.clear()
  • fixed: LinkedStack.clear()
  • fixed: Graph.remove(): update size when removing node
  • added: DA.inRange(): check if given index is valid
  • fixed: DA.sort() using quick sort
  • modified: GraphNode: added traversal depth and parent pointer
  • modified: Graph: cost is now optional (default is 1.0)
  • modified: changed Graph.addNode() to allow sub-classing of GraphNode objects
  • fixed: various fixes for the cpp target
  • added: Graph.autoClearMarks
  • modified: de.polygonal.ds.mem package now works with hxcpp+NME "alchemy" memory
  • added: Graph.DLBFS(): depth-limited breadth-first search
  • fixed: DLL.sort: merge sort produced invalid prev pointers
  • modified: optimized TreeNode class
  • modified: added support for circular singly linked lists
  • fixed: Graph.free(): infinite loop lockup
  • fixed: TreeNode.free(): also nullify parent and val field
  • fixed: SLL.nodeOf(): always returned null
  • modified: support circular singly linked lists
  • fixed: DLL.free(), clear(): infinite loop lockup
  • fixed: DLL.clone(): preserve circular property
  • modified: PriorityQueue: use float type for storing priority value
  • modified: DA.sort(): support range sorting
  • added: ArrayUtil.sortRange()
  • modified: document complexity
  • fixed: ArrayQueue.fill(), assign() for js target

1.31 (released 2011-04-11)

  • modified: better AS3/SWC support: removed some redundant classes, haxe.init(mc) is no longer required
  • added: TreeNode.sort()- sort children
  • added: preflight flag for TreeNode.preorder- exclude subtree from traversal
  • modified: improved TreeNode and BinaryTreeNode iterative traversal performance
  • fixed PriorityQueue.clear(), dequeue(), remove()
  • fixed: Heap.remove()
  • modified: improved Heap performance
  • modified: Heap.enqueue(), dequeue(), front() renamed to Heap.add(), pop(), top()
  • modified: added Heap.replace(), change(), sort(), bottom(), repair(), height()
  • added: Heapable interface
  • modified: PriorityQueue now implements Queue interface
  • modified: added PriorityQueue.back()
  • fixed: some neko compatibility fixes
  • added: optional binary search for DA.indexOf()
  • added: ArrayUtil.shrink()
  • modified: ArrayUtil.bsearchInt/bsearchFloat/bsearchComparator: now returns insertion point instead of just -1
  • added: Bits.next(): macro based bit flag generation

1.30 (released 2011-03-03)

  • modified: GraphNode and GraphArc now implement Hashable
  • fixed: DA.reverse()
  • added: Graph.nodeIterator(), Graph.arcIterator()
  • modified: renamed GraphNodeIterator to NodeValIterator
  • added: GraphNode.getArcCount()
  • fixed: return value of Array.getRow(), getCol(), getPile()
  • fixed: TreeBuilder.nextChild(),prevChild()
  • added: TreeBuilder.hasNextChild(), hasPrevChild()
  • fixed: Bits.ntz(): removed static initializer for swc compatibility
  • fixed: Array3.setCol(), setPile()
  • added: TreeNode.getFirstChild(), TreeNode.setFirst(), TreeNode.setLast()
  • fixed: renamed TreeNode.getChildIndex() to TreeNode.getSiblingIndex()
  • fixed: BST: nullify tree if empty
  • added: ArrayedQueue.pack()
  • modified: HashMap: don't allow null keys and null values
  • added: Deque<T> interface
  • added: LinkedDeque<T>: linked deque implementation
  • added: ArrayedDeque<T>: arrayed deque implementation

1.23 (released 2011-01-30)

  • added: DynamicObjectPool
  • modified: moved Factory to de.polygonal.ds
  • added: ArrayedStack/LinkedStack: dup(), exchange(), rotRight(), rotLeft()
  • added: MemoryManager.size()
  • modified: Collection.iterator() changed to Collection.itr() (unify AS3/Haxe)
  • modified: Hashable.getKey() changed to Hashable.key for SWC also (unify AS3/Haxe)
  • modified: removed various C++ workarounds that are no longer needed in Haxe 2.07
  • fixed: incorrect maxSize value in release builds
  • modified: IntHashTable/HashTable/HashSet/HashMap: removed nullValue, use Null<T> instead
  • fixed: Bits.ntz() and Bits.setBits() for js target
  • added: SLLNode/DLLNode.isHead(), isTail()
  • fixed: Flash AVM1 support
  • modified: ArrayedQueue is now dynamic
  • modified: SWC files compiled with Haxe 2.07

1.22 (released 2011-01-11)

  • added: TreeNode levelorder traversal
  • added: MemoryManager: automatically reclaim memory when MemoryAccess object is GCed
  • added: ArrayUtil.assign()
  • added: IntIntHashTable.extract()
  • modified: Collection now implements Hashable
  • fixed: Bits.flipDWORD()
  • modified: allow ByteArray access from MemoryManager
  • added: Da.getNext(), DA.getPrev()
  • modified: refactoring of Assert statements
  • modified: optimized MemoryAccess.fill()
  • fixed: IntIntHashTable shrink segmentation fault
  • fixed: IntIntHashTable set() return value
  • modified: improved MemoryManager defrag performance
  • modified: renamed DA.move() to memmove() and improved performance
  • modified: improved ArrayUtil.memmove()
  • added: MemoryManager.memmove()
  • modified: improved documentation
  • modified: maxSize() is now a property
  • added: ByteMemory.clone()
  • fixed: MemoryManager issues when using SWC files- static getters are now static functions
  • fixed: Bits.hasBitAt()
  • modified: updated documentation
  • modified: simplified ArrayConvert class

1.21 (released 2010-12-12)

  • added: HashTable.dispose()
  • fixed: don't skip constructor call in assign() methods
  • fixed: Bits class
  • fixed: SLL/DLL node caching
  • added: DA.swapWithBack()
  • fixed: DA.join()
  • added: IntIntHashTable.count()
  • fixed: IntIntHashTable infinite loop trap when resizing
  • fixed: ObjectPool.iterator() for non-allocated pools
  • modified: ObjectPool: improved performance, smaller memory footprint
  • modified: IntIntHashTable/IntHashTable/HashTable/IntHashSet/HashSet: added resizable parameter to constructor (enforce fixed size)
  • added: BitFlags helper class

1.20 (released 2010-11-01)

  • fixed: C++ and JavaScript compatibility
  • added: IntIntHashTable: an array hash table implementation using 32-bit integers for keys and values
  • added: IntHashTable<T>: a generic hash table using 32-bit integers for keys
  • added: HashTable<K, T>: a generic hash table
  • added: IntHashSet: a hash set for 32-bit integer values
  • added: HashSet<T>: a generic hash set
  • added: added Map interface
  • added: added Set interface (Set replaced with ListSet)
  • added: Hashable interface
  • added: HashableItem abstract helper class
  • added: HashKey class
  • added: ListSet: simple replacement for the Set class which was using the flash.utils.Dictionary class.
  • modified: Collection.toArray(?output:Array<T>):Array<T> changed to Collection.toArray():Array<T> (c++ compatibility)
  • modified: Collection.toDA(?output:DA<T>):Array<T> changed to Collection.toDA():DA<T> (c++ compatibility)
  • modified: HashMap refactoring; HashMap<K, V> now implements Map<K, T> instead of Collection<K>

1.12 (released 2010-10-18)

  • fixed: ArrayedQueue.remove(),dispose()
  • fixed: LinkedObjectPool.put()
  • fixed: SLL.merge()
  • fixed: Graph.BFS()
  • modified: SLL/DLL/LinkedStack/LinkedQueue: structures can be created with a reserved size (increases performance at the cost of memory usage through object pooling)
  • fixed: revised dense array (DA)
  • modified: added iterative Graph.DFS()
  • fixed: LinkedQueue.clone()
  • fixed: ArrayedQueue.isFull()
  • fixed: PriorityQueue.toString()
  • fixed: MemoryManager: remember existing 1024 bytes after initialization
  • fixed: TreeNode.postOrder()
  • modified: split assign(x:Dynamic) into fill(x:T) and assign(x:Class<T>) because of type safety, performance and cross-platform compatibility
  • some fixes for js/cpp target
  • added: MemoryAccess.clone()
  • added: MemoryAccess.fill()
  • added: MemoryAccess.resize()
  • added: ArrayTools class
  • fixed: several cross-platform issues for de.polygonal.ds.mem when compiled with -D no_alchemy

1.11 (released 2010-07-22)

  • added: ObjectPool.isEmpty()
  • added: Array2&3: getIndex(), cellToIndex(), indexToCell(), indexOf(), cellOf()
  • added: Bits.flipWORD and Bits.flipDWORD
  • modified: MemoryManager: default block size is now 64 KiB
  • modified: Set is now cross-platform
  • code style: SLL/DLL: head and tail are now properties
  • modified: SLL/DLL/SLLNode/DLLNode: renamed remove() to unlink() since remove(x:T) is now part of the Collection interface
  • modified: Graph: renamed removeNode() to unlink() since remove(x:T) is now part of the Collection interface
  • modified: de.polygonal.ds.mem.*: added FP9 compatibility when using -D no_alchemy
  • fixed: ShortMemory/IntMemory/FloatMemory/DoubleMemory ofByteArray() endianness
  • added: TreeNode: unlink(), prependNode(), appendNode(), insertAfterChild(), insertBeforeChild(), numNextSiblings(), numPrevSiblings()
  • added: BinaryTreeNode.unlink()
  • modified: renamed Vector to DA (dense array) to avoid confusion with flash's built in Vector class. As a consequence, Collection.toVector() changed to Collection.toDA(), and HashMap.valuesToVector() changed to HashMap.valuesToDA()
  • added: ArrayedStack/Heap/PrioriyQueue/DA.reserve(): If size is known in advance storage can be preallocated to increase performance/reduce memory usage. This is automatically done for fixed-size structures (http://jpauclair.net/2009/12/05/tamarin-part-ii-more-on-array-and-vector/).
  • code style: compact() changed to pack() (prefer shorter names)
  • added: Collection.free(): 'Deconstructor' that nullifies all references (optimizes memory usage and results in faster garbage collection)
  • added: Collection.remove(x:T): Removes all occurrences of x from a collection
  • modified: Collection.clear() changed to Collection.clear(?purge = false)
  • added: ArrayedStack.dispose(): Nullifies reference to popped element for GC
  • modified: Set/HashMap: removed setIfAbsent() and removeIfExists() (merged into set() and remove())
  • modified: improved Collection.toArray()/Collection.toDA()
  • modified: swc files only: Collection.iterator():Object now typed to Collection.iterator():Itr

1.1 (released 2010-03-15)

  • added: TreeNode.getChildIndex()
  • fixed: LinkedStack.clear()
  • fixed: LinkedStack.toArray()/toVector()
  • added: Stack interface (implemented by ArrayedStack/LinkedStack)
  • added: Queue interface (implemented by ArrayedQueue/LinkedQueue)
  • fixed: TreeBuilder.removeChild()
  • modified: removed superfluous type parameter from Visitable interface
  • modified: enhanced Bits class (new methods + cross platform compatibility)
  • modified: enhanced BitVector class (cross platform compatibility)
  • added: new MemoryManager (http://lab.polygonal.de/2010/03/04/memorymanager-revisited)
  • added: ShortMemory for storing 16bit integers.
  • fixed: BitVector.ofBytes

1.06 (released 2010-01-31)

  • added: ArrayConvert helper class
  • added: ArrayedQueue, ArrayedStack, Vector: swp() and cpy() methods
  • added: LinkedStack, LinkedQueue, SLL, DLL: size constraint when compiled with -debug
  • modified: ArrayedQueue, ArrayedStack, Vector: renamed getAt()/setAt() to get()/set()
  • modified: SLL.nodeOf(): from parameter is now optional (matches DLL.nodeOf())
  • fixed: ArrayedStack.push(): maxSize() assert not fired
  • fixed: Vector.pushBack, pushFront(), insertAt(): maxSize() assert not fired
  • modified: SLL, DLL.remove(node): returns the next node in the list
  • fixed: Vector.iterator()#reset()
  • fixed: Bits.hasAllBits()
  • code style: type inference for optional parameters
  • modified: small optimization in TreeNode.preorder and TreeNode.postorder
  • fixed: TreeNode/Graph/BinaryTreeNode: invalid stack for iterative preorder/inorder/postorder traversals (called from within visit()/process())
  • fixed: TreeNode/Graph/BinaryTreeNode: preorder/inorder/postorder: now accepts optional user data that is passed to every visited node
  • modified: TreeWalker.appendChild(),prependChild(),insertBeforeChild(),insertAfterChild(): now returns the node object storing the child
  • fixed: TreeWalker.new(): wrong vertical pointer
  • added: TreeNode.getRoot(): finds the root of the tree
  • added: Graph.isMarked()
  • added: BitMemory/DoubleMemory/FloatMemory/IntMemory: getIndex(i:Int): memory byte offset for value at index i
  • code style: different 'friend' syntax that ensures strict typing for improved performance (http://www.weblob.net/2010/01/friend-types-are-slow-really)
  • modified: Graph: added maxSize() constraint() for debugging

1.05 (released 2009-12-24)

  • all: interfaces can be accessed in swc files
  • all: parameter names are now available in swc files
  • all: switched from flash.Vector to Array for now because a dynamic array (used in swc files) is faster than a dynamic vector and alchemy memory is much faster than typed number vectors.
  • all: iterators now implement de.polygonal.ds.Itr<T> (to distinguish between the built-in Iterator typedef)
  • all: iterators can be reused by calling iterator.reset() when typed to ResettableIterator<T> or Itr<T>
  • all: enhanced assign(): collection can be filled entirely/partially with elements
  • all: enhanced shuffle(): now accepts external random values so different RNG/PRNG can be used.
  • all: enhanced Collection.toArray() and Collection.toVector()
  • all: minor documentation improvements
  • added: Vector collection (growable dense array) as a more advanced Array/Vector replacement (no performance degradation in Haxe).
  • added: compact() method for growable collections that use an array (ArrayedStack, Heap, PriorityQueue, Vector)
  • added: TreeNode.find()
  • added: Bits.hx class (much nicer/faster with 'using' syntax) as a replacement for BitField.hx
  • added: -D no_rtti compiler flag (disables haxe.rtti.Generic)
  • modified: Graph.size(), HashMap.size() and Set.size(): now O(c) instead of O(n)
  • modified: removed size constraint from ArrayedStack, Heap and PriorityQueue (grows on demand)
  • modified: removed obsolete isFull()/capacity() methods
  • fixed: DLL insertionSort
  • fixed: MemoryManager.defragment() + minor improvements
  • fixed: graph.addSingleArc()
  • fixed: Array3.walk()
  • fixed: LinkedStack.iterator()
  • fixed: HashMap.toString()
  • fixed: ObjectPool.get()
  • fixed: TreeNode.height()
  • fixed: BST.height()
  • fixed: BST.toString()

1.0 (released 2009-12-09)

  • Significant performance improvements compared to as3ds thanks to the Haxe compiler :)
  • Fixed most issues posted on the old as3ds google code projects page
  • Enhanced documentation
  • Supports "alchemy memory"
  • Collections can be cloned (shallow&deep copy)
  • Some collections can be shuffled
  • Added support for circular doubly linked lists
  • Added object pooling library
  • Added iterative traversal algorithms
  • Added linked graph structure
  • Many small improvements I don't remember...