Haxe React is a set of externs and tools to use Facebook React with Haxe

haxelib install react 1.12.0


Haxe React

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A Haxe library offering externs and tool functions leveraging Haxe's excellent type system and compile time macros to offer a strongly typed language to work with the popular React library.

haxelib install react

Documentation (RTFM)


Support / discussions

If you have questions / issues, join haxe-react on Gitter.im


The following fork ("react-next") works on major evolutions to the library:

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What's included / not included

This library covers React core and ReactDOM. It does NOT cover: ReactAddOns, react-router, Redux, or React Native.

Biggest source of up to date React libraries for Haxe:

Useful to see how to write quick 3rd party React externs:

Application examples

React doesn't enforce any specific application architecture; here are a few examples to get started:

Using Redux, Haxe-style:

Using Webpack: