StablexUI is a crossplatform UI engine.

cpp, cross, flash, html5, ui
haxelib install stablexui 1.2.4



Google group:!forum/stablexui

Macro driven ui engine for Haxe OpenFL It's designed to give developer as much freedom as possible in customizing UI. Supported targets: cpp (iOS, Android, Blackberry, webOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS), flash, html5, neko.

Online docs for API and basic features:

Demo with android-4.x-like theme (written completely in xml):

Projects using StablexUI

Simple demos:


  • Easy integration with any project. Just addChild StablexUI to any Sprite or Stage.
  • Separate "view" from "controller". Create all UI via xml (but you still can create ui with plain haxe);
  • Compile time xml parsing. All xmls can be preprocessed at compile time, so your app is loading faster. Also everything is still strictly typed ;)
  • Run time xml parsing. You can update UI in already published apps without updating whole app.
  • Custom meta tags for xml to implement functionality you need, but wich is not implemented in StablexUI;
  • Writing handlers (plain haxe code) right in xml;
  • Really crossplatform! Works in cpp, flash, html5;
  • Easy Drag'n'Drop;
  • Relative positioning (you can define position by any border of element - left, right, top, bottom in pixels or percentage of parent's size. Define width/height in percentage etc);
  • You can write haxe code right in attributes in xml to acces anything from anywhere! For example:
<Text text="'Hello world!'" x="flash.Lib.current.stage.stageWidth/2" />
  • Easy skinning with 3-slice-scaling, 9-slice-scaling, tiling with texture, filling with color, gradient fill or your own custom skin processor;
  • Flexible layout system (including custom layouts);
  • Don't worry about forgotten eventListeners. Just use method to let GC destroy the object;
  • Ability to create custom classes for skinning, transitions, tooltips, etc;
  • There is more! Some features are described in docs:;

Implemented widgets:

  • Text: normal and input;
  • Buttons: simple, toggle, multiple states;
  • Checkbox;
  • Radio;
  • Bitmaps;
  • VBox, HBox;
  • Scroll container;
  • Progress bar;
  • Tabs;
  • Tooltips;
  • Sliders;
  • Switch (on/off toggle);
  • Options box (picker list / drop-down)
  • View stacks (only one visible child at every moment);
  • Clock (display time, display constant time value, countdown);
  • More will be available soon ;)