Haxe externs for uwebsockets library

http, websocket
haxelib install uwebsockets 0.0.1


Haxe externs for uWebSockets/uWebSockets.js

µWebSockets is a simple to use yet thoroughly optimized implementation of HTTP and WebSockets. It is fast enough to do encrypted TLS 1.3 messaging quicker than most alternative servers can do even unencrypted, cleartext messaging.

µWebSockets.js µWebSockets.js is a C++ implementation of the Http/WebSocket protocols for Node.js. It is a faster Express.js/Socket.IO/any JavaScript implementation.

The project is externs of it for a strictly-typed multi-target programming language haxe. Now js target externs are only implemented falling back into µWebSockets.js. Any help in cpp and hashlink externs implementation is appreciated.


  1. install node.js >= 10
  2. install haxe >= 4
  3. install hxnodejs:
haxelib install hxnodejs
  1. install uwebsockets:
haxelib install uwebsockets
  1. install npm dependency of the necessary uWebSockets.js version. Externs correspond at least to 18.5.0 version of uWebSockets.js
npm install uNetworking/uWebSockets.js#v18.5.0


import uwebsockets.js.UWebSockets;

class Example 
	static function main() 
			key_file_name: 'misc/key.pem',
  			cert_file_name: 'misc/cert.pem',
		}).ws('/*', {
			idleTimeout: 30,
  			maxBackpressure: 1024,
			maxPayloadLength: 512,
			compression: UWebSockets.DEDICATED_COMPRESSOR_3KB,
			/* For brevity we skip the other events (upgrade, open, ping, pong, close) */
			message: (ws, data, isBinary) -> {
				/* You can do app.publish('sensors/home/temperature', '22C') kind of pub/sub as well */
    			/* Here we echo the message back, using compression if available */
				final ok = ws.send(data, isBinary);
		}).get('/*', (res, req) -> { 
			/* It does Http as well */
			res.writeStatus('200 OK').writeHeader('IsExample', 'Yes').end('Hello there!');
		}).listen(9001, (listenSocket) -> {
			if (listenSocket) 
				trace('Listening to port 9001');

Install examples dependencies

npm install

Compile examples

npm run compile:examples


haxe build-examples.hxml

Run an example

node examples/bin/HelloWorld.js