Visual Studio Code extern library

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haxelib install vscode 1.50.1


Visual Studio Code API externs for Haxe

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This extern library makes it possible to write extensions for Visual Studio Code using Haxe.

VS Code API version: 1.50

NOTE: Requires Haxe 4 or later


Global functions and variables from the vscode namespace are available through Vscode top-level class, while types defined in vscode namespace are located in the vscode package. The node.js API externs are provided by the hxnodejs library.

The current "proposed" APIs are provided are provided via VscodeProposed top-level class for the vscode namespace and the vscode.proposed package.

VS Code expects a .js module that exports the activate function that will be called upon extension activation. In Haxe this is done using the @:expose metdata.


class HelloHaxe {
    static function activate(context:vscode.ExtensionContext) {
        Vscode.window.showInformationMessage("Hello from Haxe!");

compile with:

haxe -lib vscode -js hellohaxe.js HelloHaxe

For a complete extension example, check the example/ directory inside this repository.

For generated extern API documentation, proceed here.

For general information about how to extend Visual Studio code, check their documentation.