A Phoenix LiveDashboard page for inspecting your Broadway pipelines

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Broadway Dashboard

Online documentation

BroadwayDashboard is a tool to analyze Broadway pipelines. It provides some insights about performance and errors for your running pipelines.

It works as an additional page for the Phoenix LiveDashboard.

You can inspect pipelines on remote nodes that are not running BroadwayDashboard too. See Distribution for details.

Broadway Dashboard

Integration with Phoenix LiveDashboard

You can add this page to your Phoenix LiveDashboard by adding as a page in the live_dashboard macro at your router file.

live_dashboard "/dashboard",
  additional_pages: [
    broadway: {BroadwayDashboard, pipelines: [MyBroadway]}

The :pipelines option accept pipeline names (the :name option of your Broadway). By omitting the :pipelines option, BroadwayDashboard will try to autodiscover your pipelines.

live_dashboard "/dashboard",
  additional_pages: [
    broadway: BroadwayDashboard

Once configured, you will be able to access the BroadwayDashboard at /dashboard/broadway.


Phoenix LiveDashboard works with distribution out of the box, and it's not different with Broadway Dashboard! You can inspect your pipelines that are running on connected nodes.

You can also inspect pipelines from nodes that are not running the same system of your dashboard. This is possible because we "copy" the essential parts of this tool to the remote node when it's not running BroadwayDashboard. We stop the tracking once the node that started it is disconnected.


Add the following to your mix.exs and run mix deps.get:

def deps do
    {:broadway_dashboard, "~> 0.2.0"}

After that, proceed with instructions described in Integration with Phoenix LiveDashboard above.


This project is based on Marlus Saraiva's work from his presentation at ElixirConf 2019.

In that talk he presented a graph showing the work of a Broadway pipeline, which is essentially the same we display in this project. Thank you, Marlus! <3


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