A library for drawing things with SVG



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Chunky SVG

This library is inspired by the Ruby library "Chunky PNG".

It is meant as an experiment to play with the idea of representing expressing charts or visualizations in a higher-level language that renders down to SVG.

Project Status

This is a for-fun and for-learning project. It is not being used in any production systems that I am aware of.

What Can I Draw?

You can drawn any of the SVG primitives like this:

ChunkySVG.render([{:circle, %{cx: 50, cy: 50, r: 40}, nil}])

Which would generate this:

ChunkySVG also knows how to draw other things in terms of SVG primitives:

`{:hexagon, %{cx: 50, cy: 50, r: 40}}`
`{:pentagon, %{cx: 50, cy: 50, r: 40}}`
`{:octagon, %{cx: 50, cy: 50, r: 40}}`