Native Erlang 0MQ implementation



ezmq - ØMQ in pure Erlang

ezmq implements the ØMQ protocol in 100% pure Erlang.

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ØMQ is like Erlang message passing for the rest of the world without the overhead of a C-Node. So using it to talk to rest of the World seems like a good idea. Several Erlang wrappers for the C++ reference implemention do exist. So why reinvent the wheel in Erlang?

First, because we can ;-), secondly, when using the C++ implementation we encountered several segfault taking down the entire Erlang VM and most importantly, the whole concept is so erlangish, that it feels like it has to be implemented in Erlang itself.

Main features

  • ØMQ compatible, protocol versions ZMTP 1.0 (13/ZMTP) and ZMTP 2.0 (15/ZMTP)
  • 100% Erlang
  • good fault isolation (a crash in the message decoder won't take down your Erlang VM)
  • API very similar to other socket interfaces
  • runs on non SMP and SMP VM

Contribution process


  • documentation
  • identity support
  • send queue improvements
  • high water marks for send queue
  • ZMTP 2.0+ remote subscription support (see TODO in ezmq_socket_pub)


The project is released under the MPL 2.0 license http://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/.