This template is focus on create an app using ecto & phoenix 1.5.



Dino Boilerplate

An opinionated template to create phoenix apps, using ecto and live view with tailwind.


You'll need to install the mix_templates and mix_generator packages by Dave Thomas

mix archive.install hex mix_templates
mix archive.install hex mix_generator


Install the gen_template_dino using the following command:

mix template.install hex gen_template_dino


Note: Since it depends on gen_template_dino, be sure override all files when the installer asks you. Otherwise, you need to add this configuration manually.

mix gen gen_template_dino project

Then go to into the project created and execute the following commands:

cd project && mix deps.get && npm i --prefix assets && mix phx.gen.cert -o priv/ssl/project

further details inside on the project

Please note you can easy remove the Example LiveView:

  • lib/project_web/live/example.ex remove this file
  • lib/project_web/templates/layout/app.html.eex remove the line with the pattern <%= *Web.Live.Example %>

Remember replace project with the name of your project.

If you want self-signed trusted certs (only-locally) use mkcert

Created: 2020-05-09